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Build a Hideaway.

Grab a pile of newspapers and construct a hideaway. Or craft a cat diner! Use the magic of super-strong triangles.

How cool would it be to build connected hideaway huts with a friend, so that you can visit or stay in your own hut? That's what Texas friends Lucy, 10, and Harper, 10, did. All they needed was a big pile of newspapers and lots of masking tape. The girls added the snuggly rugs and covers for optional privacy. Get building!

1. Start by making lots of "logs" of tightly rolled newspaper sheets. You'll need the larger, folding type of newspaper, with sheets typically measuring around 22 inches by 22 inches (56 x56 centimeters).

Put four sheets of newsprint in a stack, and start rolling from one corner to the opposite diagonal corner. As you roll, keep pressure on your hand so that the rolls stay tightly wound--they'll be stronger. When you finish the rolling, tape the tip securely.

2. To make one hut, you'll need 25 newspaper logs. Trim each end of the log with scissors so that they all measure exactly the same length. The ends of the logs have the least amount of rolled layers, so it's best to trim each end. Typically, you'll get 28 inches of strong log.

3. Make five triangles with the logs. Why triangles? Good question! Look at the next page for the answer. Lay three logs on a surface with ends touching. (Since the logs are all the same measurement, you're making equilateral triangles, by the way.)

Tape the joints where the tube ends meet with LOTS of masking tape--strong joints will make your but more durable. Keeping the log lengths the same will also make it stronger.

4. Lay the five triangles on the floor, and tape the "bottom" joints together. I After you've done that, lay a log between each of the tips of the triangles.

Connect the tops with tape. Add one log sticking out from one side. This will allow your triangles to connect in a circle in the next step.

5. Now you'll make the triangles "stand up" and form a circle by pulling the two ends of the triangle row together. If you're working alone on a hut, ask a person or two for help holding the triangle circle up while you tape the top log to the top of the end triangle. Also tape the two bottom triangle tips together.

6. Next, place the remaining five logs like spokes in a wheel with one end connecting in the center. Tape all the spokes securely to the center connection.

7. This center spoke wheel will form the top of your hut. Ask your helper/friend to hold the center of the spokes over the hut. Then you can tape the ends of the spokes to each top corner of the standing triangle circle.

8. Ta-da--you've got a hut! You can cover it with an old sheet (a queen or king size works best), or you can cut big triangles of tissue paper or newspaper to tape to your log triangles to enclose it. Leave a triangle open for you to crawl into your hut.

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