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Buhle's Bookshelf.

Buhle's Bookshelf

Song of the Flutist

Rosalind Burgundy


2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512

9781450256605, $20.95,

When civilization seems to only exist in one spot, surrounded by barbarianism, it cannot last forever. "Song of the Flutist" is a work of historical fiction from Rosalind Burgundy, telling of the highly advanced society of the Etruscans, where equal rights are all around and life seems to be great for those involved. But as the prophecy heralds doom, this good thing may come to an end.

A fun read of historical fiction, "Song of the Flutist" is a finely recommended read, not to be overlooked. Also from Rosalind Burgundy is "Tuscan Intrigue" (0595343015, $18.95) another work of history and fiction, this time from the view of the archeologist, retaining the focus on the Etruscans.

The Rodina Plot

Michael Gerhardt

Privately Published

9780557798490, $22.95,

Forgiveness for past cruelty doesn't come easily. "The Rodina Plot" is an international thriller as plans are put forth throughout the world against Rodina, the Russian term for the motherland. With plenty of political intrigue and military excitement, "The Rodina Plot" is a fun read that should prove a fast-paced thriller and hard to put down.


Susan Hawthorne


9781876756888, $16.95,

One man's dinner is another one's idol. "Cow" is a collection of poetry as author Susan Hawthorne dives into the relativity of culture, politics, and the world's relationships with one another. With a certain wisdom and humor, "Cow" is an intriguing collection of poetry, very highly recommended. "What Queenie Says About Tamil": How the letters land/might be an indicator/in Tamil/the letter on all the temples/is the same sound/aum om/in Tamil/it resembles/a giant ear/at the centre of the universe//listening/listening/to the music.

Psycho Girl

Shawna Savage

Tate Publishing & Enterprises

127 E. Trade Center Terrace, Mustang, OK 73064-4421

9781617393587, $11.99,

The terror of an abusive relationship is all too common. "Psycho Girl: Overcoming Through Positive Spirituality" is a self-help guide from Shawna Savage, as she shares her stories of dealing with abuse and encourages other women to find the strength they need to break free from our abusers and reclaim our lives, doing what we can to say never again. With a strong spiritual message with an advocacy of faith, "Psycho Girl" is a strong pick for any woman who wants to reclaim her life.


Kate Supino

Privately Published

9781456490058, $12.99,

Money can ruin everything if you let it. "Clothesline" is a novel by Kate Supino following trio of friends Kelly, Ana, and Sera as they go into business together and try to push their talents to success. But they learn that they are individuals with their own ideas about how things should be done, the friendship might go kaput very quickly. "Clothesline" is a fun read of friendship and the many things that are out to squash it.

White As Bone, Red as Blood, The Storm God

Cerridwen Fallingstar

Cauldron Publications

9780578073552, $19.95,

One woman controls if Japan rises to prosperity or falls into darkness. "White As Bone, Red as Blood, The Storm God" is a follow up of Cerridwen Fallingstar's previous novel The Fox Sorceress. Following Seiko Fujiwara, a woman who suspected of sorcery, as she finds herself pulled between two clans who have a claim to the throne. With plenty to entice readers with conflict, sex, and more, "White As Bone, Red As Blood, The Storm God" will prove a very fun and gripping read that won't let the reader go until the very end.

Willis M. Buhle

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Author:Buhle, Willis M.
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Date:Jun 1, 2011
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