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Buhari: Legal implications of age.

THE 'I thought I was 74 but was told I'm 75' statement credited to President Muhammadu Buhari throws more of legal implications and challenges to his presidency and his long service years than can be taken as an ordinary social comment.

In the first instance, it becomes imperative to good governance and reasoning for one, on behalf of the nation's record keeping with Nigeria Army and particularly Buhari's record with Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), to ask when Buhari became aware he was 75.

Who told him he is now 75 and at what stage did he become aware of his present age status? Did he become aware of his present age status before he contested the presidential race years 2003, 2007 and 2015?

When he became aware of his present age status, did he as a civil servant of the Federal Republic of Nigeria take necessary steps to have his records normalised and published in a gazette?

Unless all these questions are affirmatively answered, the nation's leadership value quotient relativity must be offering itself to ridicule among its global peers.

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Publication:Nigerian Tribune (Oyo State, Nigeria)
Date:Dec 29, 2017
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