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Bugtime Adventures: A Giant Problem--The David Story.

Bugtime Adventures A Giant Problem--The David Story Produced by Lightning Bug Flix, 2005 DVD 694993002495, Animated, 25 min, $14.95

A Giant Problem--The David Story," the latest instalment of the DVD series Bugtime Adventures has the makings of a new family favourite. The premise of Bugtime Adventures is the weaving together of two story lines, one with animated people and one with animated life-like bug characters, to retell a well-known Bible story.

The story line using the animated people follows closely that of the scripture whereas more liberties are taken with the characters in Buggelsville. The DVD begins with the literal David and Goliath story and it sets the tone of the movie before turning to the metaphorical telling of the story through the dilemma faced by a bug village.

The bugs must overcome their helplessness in the imminent doom of their village by a dam that is about to break (coincidentally) holding back part of the river downstream from the action in biblical Israel. They only do so by over coming their own weaknesses, like David, by putting theii" faith in God.

The scenes alternate between the two story lines and at times this can seem disjointed, but it makes the connection between both story lines much easier for young children to understand. "A Giant Problem" is good family entertainment for a wide age range of children: preschoolers will enjoy the animation and likeable characters and older children will be drawn into the story by the characters personalities, the good vs. evil story line, the subtle presentation of biblical themes, and the bonus comic book.

Parents should be warned that there are some objectionable words and phrases, but nothing worse than "brat" and "shut you up." "A Giant Problem" is a safe, enjoyable movie to watch with your children to reinforce bible messages. And unlike some of the Christian entertainment of the past, it comes with first-rate production values.

Christina Tuns lives in Toronto with her husband and four children.
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Author:Tuns, Christina
Publication:Catholic Insight
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Date:Dec 1, 2005
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