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Bugti engineers discriminated, denied OGDCL jobs.

ISLAMABAD: More than a hundred engineers from Bugti Mainland had registered their protest against the Oil and Gas Development Corporation for discriminating the local engineers while making recruitment for petroleum engineers recently.Addressing a news conference at the National Press Club here on Friday, Mr.

Sher Zaman Bugti, spokesman of the jobless petroleum engineers from Bugti Mainland, said that the OGDCL had ignored the local engineers from Dera Bugti while making fresh recruitment. He claimed that the local engineers, all of the, qualified and jobless were discriminated.

Mr. Bugti claimed that those engineers included in the test and interviews were discriminated and denied jobs showing the deep contempt towards the educated Bugti engineers.

Mr. Sher Zaman said that it is an insult to the educated Bugti engineers offering their services for development of Balochistan and prosperity of the country as a whole.

The jobs are local in nature and the local residents got the first and undeniable right to get the job first in State institutions or the Government control autonomous economic enterprises.He deplored that natural gas was found in Bugti Mainland in 1952 and the natural wealth was denied to Balochistan, including the Bugti Mainland, and it was exploited extensively in developing Punjab where Sui gas facility is provided to each and every village of Punjab.

Mr. Sher Zaman Bugti expressed his frustration saying that all the major natural gas fields are still located in Loti, Sui, Uch and Pir Koh, all located in the Bugti Mainland and still the local people are discriminated, denied jobs and natural gas facilities for the past 65 years.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Minister for Home and Tribal Affairs expressed his anger at the OGDCL saying that he and his tribesmen reserve the right to stage protest and stage a sit to press further their just and legitimate demands.The BNP Secretary General, Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldini had also condemned the decision of the OGDCL and said that the Baloch people got the prime right on the resources of Balochistan, mainly oil and gas, and also all the jobs created.

He demanded jobs for all unemployed Bugti engineers in the OGDCL and PPL on priority basis and as a matter of national right to deprived people. He too indicated that his Party would stage a protest against discriminating the Bugti Engineers by the OGDCL.

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Publication:The Balochistan Express (Quetta, Pakistan)
Date:Dec 22, 2017
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