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Bug-sniffing canines detect no trace of library infestation.

Byline: Jeff Wright The Register-Guard

To the relief of Eugene Public Library patrons and employees, a pair of bug-sniffing beagles found no new live bedbugs in the library during a search on Saturday evening, library spokeswoman LaVena Nohrenberg said Sunday.

However, a cushion on a first-floor bench near the checkout desk "seemed to catch the dogs' attention," so as a precaution officials placed the cushion in a bug-killing heat tent, Nohrenberg said.

The area around the bench was treated with a pesticide as another precaution, she said.

"There may or may not have been an egg (on the cushion), we really don't know," she said.

The dogs were sent to the scene after officials dealt with a bedbug infestation at the library earlier in the month. Officials were first alerted to the outbreak in early December when a patron discovered a bedbug on an upholstered chair on the third floor.

Bedbugs were then found in seven other chairs on the library's third and second floors. All eight chairs were treated with a pesticide and placed in the heat tent, and the areas where the chairs had been located were vigorously vacuumed.

The absence of any new bedbugs on Saturday was greeted joyously, said Nohrenberg, the library's customer experience manager.

"There's a lot of relief that this continues to indicate that this was an isolated, one-time occurrence, and that we were able to effectively treat it, and that we have everything in place to continue to monitor and prevent any future" infestations, she said.

Nohrenberg said the city purchased the heat tent - she wasn't sure of the cost - and will have it at the ready should any other pieces of furniture be suspected of harboring bedbugs or their eggs.

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Title Annotation:Eugene; The cushion of a bench is treated and removed as a precaution
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Dec 22, 2014
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