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Buffalo bringing a new dimension to ice-cream.

SOME people add a flake, others just sauce, and you can just eat it plain.

But ice-cream lovers can forget the weird and wonderful toppings.

If they want to test the newest make they should look no further than a buffalo.

Gelato di Latte di Bufala is made from the milk of a water buffalo herd tucked away on a farm in Llanon, near Aberystwyth.

Duncan Aitkenhead developed the dessert as an alternative to normal ice-cream.

He said, ``Myself and a couple of my children are intolerant to cows' milk. We decided to try buffalo milk as a change from the goats' version.''

Once he found out more about the herd he realised it would be perfect for ice-cream.

As a part-time farmer of cattle and sheep he became interested immedia t e


Mr Aitkenhead said, ``While buffalos are more well known for their cheese, ice-cream is really an obvious choice.

``They have twice the butter fat of normal milk so once we experimented we could get really creamy ice-cream.''

Currently, Gelato di Latte di Bufala, is sold in a few outlets in Wales, but Mr Aitkenhead hopes the business will develop.

He said, ``At the moment we sell at three different markets, Aberystwyth, Brecon and the Riverside Market in Cardiff. We are hoping to develop that and also we might even go as far as London.''

He believes the product will appeal to ``foodies''.

``We are trying to sell the product as a really pure dessert ingredient, so we have not added anything to it.

``We want people to either eat it plain or experiment using this as a base.''


COOL TREAT: Duncan Aitkenhead enjoying an ice-cream with one of his water buffalo
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 21, 2003
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