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Budget deficit of 5.2 billion dinars, up over 25%, by end of November 2017 (Finance Ministry).

(TAP) - The budget deficit further exacerbated by the end of November 2017, to reach 5.2 billion dinars, approaching the forecasts of the 2017 Finance Law (5.3 billion dinars, for the whole year). In comparison with the same period of 2016 (4.05 billion dinars), the deficit rose by more than 1,200 billion dinars (+ 25%), according to "the provisional results of the State budget execution - November 2017," just published by the Finance Ministry.

This worsening of the budget deficit is due to the increase in expenditures, especially management expenses, and more specifically those reserved for the payment of civil service salaries (17.7 billion dinars), which take up over half of the State's total expenditures (30.8 billion dinars).

The expenditures are directed, in the 2nd place, to the debt payment (repayment of the principal amounting to 4.4 billion dinars and the interest worth 2.1 billion dinars), while the development expenses come 3rd with 5 billion dinars.

The repayment of the principal of the debt at the end of November 2017 far exceeded the forecasts of the 2017 Finance Law (3.6 billion dinars for the whole year).

The State resources were fed by the State's own resources (fiscal and non-fiscal resources) to the tune of 21.2 billion dinars, but also by loan resources (9.4 billion dinars), that correspond to a little less than 1/3 of the total volume of the country's resources.

The "State budget balance sheet," published by the Finance Ministry revealed that the government had planned resources of loans worth 8.5 billion dinars for 2017, an amount exceeded by about 1 billion dinars at the end of November.

According to the Department, the budget deficit was met until November 2017, with external financing amounting to 4.3 billion dinars and domestic financing worth 0.9 billion dinars.

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Publication:Agency Tunis Afrique Press
Date:Jan 20, 2018
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