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Bud Light airs its newest ad campaign.

An unusual cast of characters proves just how far they will go for a cold Bud Light in a new series of television commercials, which broke earlier this month.

"Make It a Bud Light" is the brand's new ad theme that was introduced during coverage of the Summer Olympics, according to Bud Light senior brand manager Bob Lachky.

"The great thing about the commercials in our new campaign is they all work the |Make It a Bud Light' bar call into the commercial," Lachky said. "The message is used -- in a humorous way -- to show that consumers will indeed go to great lengths for a cold Bud Light. This campaign continues the outstanding tradition of Bud Light's strong and creative advertising."

In "Cattle Auction," two cowboys at a Western cattle auction step up to the bar and order a Bud Light. "Breakout" features two prisoners who have finally succeeded in breaking out of jail.

The spots, four in all, were produced by DDB Needham Worldwide of Chicago.
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Title Annotation:television advertising of beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 10, 1992
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