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Bud Bowl 3 was successful promo for Anheuser-Busch.

The imaginative third installment of the Bud Bowl has proven a remarkably successful retail promotion, Anheuser-Busch reports. The promotion, which features a realistic football game played by animated Anheuser-Busch bottles, has become a Super Boel advertising tradition. More than 300,000 entries were received from consumers during the Bud Bowl 3 sweepstakes, making it the most successful retail promotion in Anheuser-Busch history.

"We promoted each of our retail outlets as the Bud Bowl 3 headquarters and the displays were quite effective with our customers," explained David Zerwas, product manager of beer, soda and tobacco, AM/PM mini-markets. "AM/PM is looking forward to the next Bud Bowl promotion."

Of the Bud Bowl sweeptakes contestants, Martin Theobald, of Charleston, SC, won the $100,000 grand price and 5,000 runners-up received official Bud Bowl 3 Wilson footballs. To enter, consumers had enter the final score of Bud Bowl 3 on an "official scorecard" and sent it in.

"The scorecards disappeared in just a few days," Zerwas continued.

According to an Anheuser-Busch study, Bud Bowl was "the victor among Super Bowl advertisers by scoring the highest in Super Bowl advertising surveys measuring total recall and popularity among beer drinkers."

"This research underscores what we've known all along -- Bud Bowl penetrates all the advertising clutter surrounding the Super Bowl," said Thomas Sharbaugh, vice president-Budweiser brands. "Bud Bowl's success as both a retail promotion and advertising campaign is a great example of how effective a properly run promotion can be at all levels."
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 15, 1991
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