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Buckman Laboratories.

1256 North McLean Blvd. Memphis, TN 38108-0305, USA

+1 901-278-0330 tel

+1 800-BUCKMAN

+1 901-276-5343 fax

Corporate Information

Buckman Laboratories is a specialty chemical manufacturer headquartered in Memphis, TN, USA, with 20 affiliated companies worldwide--serving customers on every continent. Buckman provides measurable, cost-effective improvements in production and quality by offering specific products, services, and creative problem solving for each customer's particular needs.

Buckman representatives also provide superior on-site service with chemical applications tailored to the customer's individual system. They deliver the expertise to maximize machine performance and employ techniques by which to determine the cause of operating difficulties. All Buckman companies are linked by K'Netix[TM], the Buckman Knowledge Network, to provide instantaneous access to resident experts in each area of the world. All of which leads to increased productivity and profitability equally available to our customers all over the world.

Our representatives also contribute the expertise needed to maximize machine performance and they supply methods and techniques to determine the causes of operating upsets. On-site testing techniques such as: analyses for microorganisms, paper holes, deposits, and more, help to identify operating deficiencies. When all data is examined, then the representative can design a program to give the mill a machine running at peak performance, producing quality product, at reduced cost. Buckman manages its chemical inventory at the mill and maintains the chemical delivery systems to dispense continuous, trouble-free product applications. In these times of painfully reduced staff in mills everywhere, a representative who is also a papermaking expert is invaluable.

Value-added services include full service technical laboratories, research facilities, and a knowledge resource center, all available 24/7. Buckman is also a pioneer in people products such as The Transition Workshop, the Problem-Solving Guide, the Requirement Alignment Tool, the Customer Satisfaction Survey, and the Eight Buckman Business Standards. These tools provide a superior methodology for conducting business and solving problems at the mill site.

Part of Buckman's customer service includes keeping the customer formally informed of work performed by:

* Sending weekly and monthly reports

* Compiling a program manual that is updated regularly

* Keeping current information at the place of operations

* Conducting frequent face-to-face meetings to verify that the customer is satisfied with the progress of the programs.

Product Information

Buckman Laboratories has a full line of products and services for every aspect of all types of papermaking industries. Besides microbial and deposit control, scale and corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, enzymes and defoamers, the company offers a wide range of retention/drainage and formation polymers, sizing chemicals, dry/wet strength aids, and pitch/stickles control agents. For pulping, Buckman offers pulping, repulping, and deinking aids, as well as chemicals for bleaching and metals management. Creping products include debonders, wetting agents, tissue softeners, yankee adhesion and release agents. Buckman has recently introduced the Neoteric[R] program, a new, nontoxic approach for neutral boilouts and exceptional wet-end deposit control. Boiler/cooling water and effluent treatment programs are available for superior water treatment programs in the mill.

Recently, Buckman introduced new chemistries for the benefit of papermakers. The Mosaic[R] System, Buckman's new Wet End management program, combines the proven performance of existing polymer technologies with a new generation of engineered products, the MP 800 series, to provide superior efficiency in drainage, retention, and formation.

The Optimyze[R] System consists of new chemistries for stickles removal and is a major development for Buckman this year. The benefits of enzymatic products are many and include: reduced finish costs, increased machine efficiency, increased paper and pulp quality, increased clothing life and reduced chemical costs. Enzymatics are specific and react only with ester bonds. Using Optimyze will decrease VOC emissions that accompany traditional solvent-based dispersants.

For more information regarding these or other topics or to contact a Buckman representative, call 1-800-BUCKMAN (in the US) or 901-278-0330 or e-mail us at You can also visit our website at
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