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Buckling pin relief valves.

ELFAB says with over 80 years' experience leading the industry in pressure management innovation, it has expanded upon its range of technically superior rupture discs and explosion vents with the introduction of Buckling Pin Relief Valves (BPRVs) and says this latest partnership further enhances its pressure relief options for applications within safety critical process environments. Elfab says there are two non-reclosing primary pressure relief devices, rupture pins and rupture discs, both offering a range of advantages dependent on specific pressure relief applications and conditions. The company says having both technologies under its pressure intelligence brand better positions it to service its global customer base in providing the most cost effective, safety critical pressure relief solution and says the BPRV is a unique product that offers an accurate and reliable means of pressure relief calibration, whilst also enabling resetting without the need for the valve to be isolated from the process.


Elfab says each Buckling Pin is uniquely designed and manufactured under the highest quality standards to meet customer's individual applications and unlike other forms of pressure relief devices, the critical component (the pin) is located externally and isolated from the process. At a set pressure the pin buckles instantaneously allowing the pressure to be released. With two simple states (straight or buckled), after functioning the pin is the only element that needs replacing, avoiding human error occurrences due to ease of installation while benefiting from low replacement costs. Elfab says both new and existing customers can benefit from this latest development and it will work with each customer uniquely to ensure the best pressure relief solution is available for the required application.

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Date:May 1, 2016
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