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Playing gay: Fable II for Xbox 360--featuring gay marriage and visible gaydar--is the most inclusive video game ever created. Dec 16, 2008 426
High School Musical: with charm and imagination to spare, the magic of Were the World Mine is worth singing about. Movie review Dec 2, 2008 562
Leap of faith: fans of Logo's Noah's Arc cried foul when the network canceled the landmark series. Can a feature film version of the show win them back? Movie review Nov 4, 2008 776
Not another gay movie: the follow-up to a successful 2006 satire, Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild aims to be even more outrageous and ends up losing its way. Movie review Oct 7, 2008 616
Soul-searching: instead of demonizing "ex-gay" ministries, Save Me takes the more difficult path and examines the reasons some people seek treatment in the first place. Movie review Sep 9, 2008 586
Spanish Lessons: threesomes and lesbian kisses--what Woody Allen learned on his summer vacation. Movie review Aug 26, 2008 678
Golden years? Elegy and Before I Forget portray May-December romances in two very different lights. Movie review Aug 12, 2008 802
Back to school: homoerotic Oxford high jinks are remade in Brideshead revisited, but sometimes a kiss just doesn't cut it. Movie review Jul 15, 2008 640
California marriage primer: everything you ever wanted to know about gay marriage in the Golden State. Jul 1, 2008 444
The first cut is the deepest: born in the wrong body? This femme fatale can relate--in a whole new way. Movie review Jul 1, 2008 652
Let's get spiritual: deemed sinners or simply made invisible by their childhood religions, many gays and lesbians are embracing alternative faiths that unabashedly embrace them. Here are three people proving God and gay aren't mutually exclusive. Jun 17, 2008 2176
Moment of truth: you may remember coming out, but how much do you think about the moment you realized you were gay? A new HBO documentary lets real people tell their stories of when they knew. Jun 17, 2008 794
The month-by-month film guide. Calendar May 20, 2008 2636
Foreign exchange: searching for the next frontier in LGBT filmmaking? Look overseas. Movie review May 20, 2008 725
Comedy, played straight: the films of Judd Apatow are redefining comedy--but are women and gays in on the joke? May 6, 2008 661
The new guard: will Hollywood really let unlikely ingenues like Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood ascend to the A-list? Movie review Apr 22, 2008 784
Relax, it's just sex: it's what comes after that should make you a little nervous. Movie review Apr 8, 2008 655
Love and marriage: movie weddings will never be the same after these gay directors crash the party. Movie review Mar 25, 2008 753
So long, partner: in his short life, Heath Ledger barely had time to tap his potential. But for us, he had already achieved the performance of a lifetime--and losing him so soon after Brokeback Mountain is like suffering a death in the family. In memoriam Mar 11, 2008 1367
Sitdown, standup: what moves a man to act? For Gus Van Sant's latest hero, the answer is nothing not even murder. Movie review Mar 11, 2008 711
We asked a sampling of LGBT people in Los Angeles: "What film or TV show has most accurately portrayed gay life?". Brief article Feb 26, 2008 238
The gay M.L.K.: after years in making, focus features brings Harvey milk to the big screen. Feb 26, 2008 1525
Fitting in by standing out: two films make a play to join the canon of misfit cinema. Movie review Feb 26, 2008 640
Biting wit: if you're hungry for heroines, here are two girls you can really sink your teeth into. Movie review Jan 29, 2008 675
Why wasn't this the year of Lance Bass? Cover story Jan 15, 2008 2467
The gigolo grows up: he made De Niro a taxi driver, Gere an American gigolo, and with his latest film, The Walker, writer-director Paul Schrader refashions Woody Harrelson as a gay D.C. socialite. Dec 18, 2007 1410
All apologies: tired of that annual lump of coal? Two new films teach that it's never too late to start making amends. Dec 18, 2007 709
Final Fantasy: heading into the Oscar season, three films arrive with performances--and worlds--that are truly magical. Dec 4, 2007 946
Mad men: greed is good for these bad boys, driven to villainy by money, fame, and one truly unfortunate haircut. Nov 20, 2007 758
Girl power: two women redefine the role of outcast companions: one fat and one fake. Nov 6, 2007 729
Wicked games: for movie men of a certain age, relationships can be a tricky thing. Oct 23, 2007 728
Coming out ... every October, National Coming Out Day reminds us that the closet is too small a place to live for long. But coming out gay is just one way we announce ourselves to the world. Living openly in the post-gay world means showing off a new gender, a reclaimed religion, your storied past, or true identity. Oct 9, 2007 982
Dyke flick: are lesbian love affairs replacing the gay best friend in romantic comedies? Oct 9, 2007 790
The boys in The Bubble: here's the pitch: two men--one Israeli, one Palestinian--fall in love. The backdrop is an insulated bohemia surrounded by one of the worlds most war-torn regions. in his latest film, director Eytan Fox takes us inside the bubble that is Tel Aviv. Cover story Sep 11, 2007 2474
A few choices titles to get excited about between now and Christmas. Sep 11, 2007 840
Cinephile. Sep 11, 2007 673
Cinephile. Aug 28, 2007 805
Cinephile. Jul 17, 2007 845
Cinephile. Jul 3, 2007 673
Hot summer movies: get the gay scoop on the season's biggest blockbusters. We give you 20 good reasons to go to the movies this summer. Cover story May 22, 2007 2938
Andy's muses: an open relationship provides juicy fodder for Light at the End of the World, Erasures latest release. May 22, 2007 446
Cinephile. May 22, 2007 696
The great White way: Mike White is the writer of some of the best comedies of the last decade. Now the fiery-haired son of the Reverend Mel White has decided he wants to direct. Year of the Dog, starring Molly Shannon. proves he's good at that too. May 8, 2007 1128
Cinephile. May 8, 2007 783
Cinephile. Apr 24, 2007 726
Cinephile. Apr 10, 2007 590
Cinephile. Mar 27, 2007 678
Cinephile. Mar 13, 2007 706
Gray Matters. Feb 27, 2007 514
Rock Bottom. Feb 27, 2007 105
An Unreasonable Man. Feb 27, 2007 149
Sundance preview: the festival known for groundbreaking gay cinema has few queer titles this year, but gay filmmakers are out in force. Here's what to look out for. Jan 30, 2007 631
Cinephile. Jan 30, 2007 847
The evil lesbian: Judi Dench breathes new life into a stereotype we used to hate. Jan 16, 2007 521
Cinephile. Dec 19, 2006 891
Wanting answers. Dec 5, 2006 936
DVD: A Love to Hide. Dec 5, 2006 184
Speech impediment. Brief article Nov 21, 2006 247
Problem hair. Movie review Nov 21, 2006 201
Simple minds. Nov 21, 2006 215
Punk at the palace. Movie review Oct 24, 2006 327
Love in natural light. Video recording review Oct 24, 2006 225
Band of brothers: in October gay identical twins Jacob and Joshua will rock logo in a new reality series. Sep 26, 2006 1165
Overhead and underrated: Andy LeMaster, front man for now it's overhead, is the new gay darling of indie rock. Sep 26, 2006 439

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