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Bryant, Jen. Pieces of Georgia, a Novel.

BRYANT, Jen. Pieces of Georgia, a novel. Random House, Knopf. 166p. c2006.-375-83259-9. $15.95. JS *

Thirteen-year-old Georgia is on an "at risk" list at school, which means she gets special, not particularly wanted attention from the school counselor. It's not surprising that she's on the list. Her mother has died suddenly; her father has withdrawn in silent grief; she lives in near-poverty in a trailer: and, she finds it difficult to speak up past the rabbit in her throat. Two events happen to change her life. First, her school counselor hands her a red leather journal and suggests she try to talk to her mother in its pages. Second, she receives an anonymous gift membership to the Brandywine River Museum, which displays the work of the three American Wyeth artists: N.C., Andrew, and Jamie, each of whom speaks to Georgia in his own way. Georgia's allies against despair and alienation are her talent in art, her memories of her artistic mother, her best friend Tiffany who is her opposite in every way but likes her anyway, and her connection with animals and nature. These connections eventually change her and her father and friends for the better.

Written in free verse, this book will teach young people to really look at paintings and the power of writing to heal the human heart. Myrna Marler, Assoc. Prof. of English, BYU, Provo, UT
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Author:Marler, Myrna
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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