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Brutal past of a twisted man who couldn't stop killing The Killer.

For most of the past 20 years, Paul Brumfitt has been out of the public mind and public eye.

But the shocking death of Marcella Ann Davis takes on an even more shocking perspective when Brumfitt's brutal past was revealed.

Serial killer Brumfitt, described by two judges as an evil psychopath, has now killed three times as well as terrorising a series of prostitutes.

His reign of terror began more than 20 years ago when he savagely beat a pregnant woman almost to death before fleeing and killing two men while on the run.

In 1979, Brumfitt, who has a criminal record dating back to 1968, broke into a house at Heswall on Merseyside and terrified a 36-year-old expectant mother at knifepoint. He attempted to strangle her, tied her up, raped her and battered her unconscious with a candlestick and a heavy table lamp. In a fit of rage he stole a car and headed south to Tilbury, Essex, where he walked into Sydney Samuel's tailor's shop to buy some new clothes.

When 59-year-old Mr Samuel asked for money, Brumfitt set about him with a claw hammer. He left the tailor fatally wounded in a pool of blood before escaping with pounds 450 from the till.

Brumfitt managed to get a passport using a false identity before fleeing abroad and settling in Denmark.

While in Esbjerg, Denmark, he met Teddy Laustrup, a 45-year-old bus driver, and after a couple of drinks, picked up a couple of girls and went to Mr Laustrup's flat.

After the girls left, Brumfitt became too talkative and told the Dane of his one-man crimewave.

It proved to be Laustrup's death sentence. There was a vicious fight in which Brumfitt beat the Dane with a wall lantern before strangling him, initially with his bare hands and then with a telephone wire.

Brumfitt decided to quietly slip back into Britain but he was arrested on board a Southampton-bound ferry after someone recognised him.

He was jailed for life at the Old Bailey in August 1980 after pleading guilty to two manslaughter charges on the grounds of diminished responsibility and one of wounding the pregnant woman with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

At the time, Mr Justice Gibson told Brumfitt: 'You suffer from a psychopathic disorder, a permanent disability of mind which results in abnormally aggressive and seriously irresponsible conduct.'

Brumfitt was to remain in various prisons including Blakenhurst near Redditch before being released from Leyhill open prison in Gloucestershire in 1994.

He married Susan Jordan, a prison visitor who under her married name was to give evidence for the prosecution at the Marcella Davis trial. He obtained a job with Dudley Council's parks department.

The marriage did not work out and, late in 1998, Brumfitt moved out and, for a while, lived with a prostitute in Coseley, Dudley.

He then obtained the keys to a house being renovated where the police believe Miss Davis's murder and the rapes of prostitutes took place.

Det Chief Insp John Smith, who led the murder investigation, said: 'He is quite clearly an evil, calculating man. We are taking about murder and rape. We would describe it as probably the most vicious and evil of crimes.'
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jul 22, 2000
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