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Brutal but inspired; Drama.

Shameless (Channel 4, 10pm) THE latest episode showcases what is best about this genuine television icon, as it examines brutal issues with a deft and inspired touch, without attempting to tell its viewers what to think.

On a lads' night out, Micky goes looking for love in the wrong place and becomes the victim of a savage attack which leaves him mentally and physically scarred.

On the same night, Carl falls for the beautiful Clem but struggles to handle the truth of her situation.

Meanwhile, Aidan has fallen in with a gang of older mates, led by gang leader Frasier Kane. Hanging around on the Chatsworth one night, events spiral out of control and Aidan is faced with a life-changing decision.

Over at the Maguire house, Mimi's 22-year-old sexy and challenging niece Ruby arrives with a plan to get her life together.

While it may have moved a long way from the show that engrossed the nation for two seasons, Shameless remains must-see TV.


Must-see TV: Mimi and Billy in Shameless.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 24, 2012
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