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Brushless DC motor drive.

The programmable TA2230 constant velocity drive is designed to run a brush-less motor at a constant velocity using the motor's Hall sensors for the velocity feedback. Using an RS232 interface, the drive can be programmed at start-up to ramp up at a preset rate and maintain a constant velocity regardless of changes in load. The drive is ideal for new and existing industrial applications such as factory automation, machine tools, conveyors, injection molding machines, air compressors and pumps. The compact drive with the optional cooling fans measures 9.3 in. X 3.5 in. X 5.7 in. Motor output from the drive with an AC supply of 100-220 VAC @ 50/60 Hz, 25 Amp peak current is the equivalent of a 15,000 Watt (45 Amp peak) PWM drive. The DC voltage is 0-330 VDC at 45 Amp peak, 20 Amp RMS continuous.


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Title Annotation:Spotlight On: Drives & Motors
Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Apr 1, 2008
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