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Brusewitz, Eccles reign supreme in vaulting.

Team Sweden perform during the Freestyle Vaulting competition. The finished third. Pictures: CHI Al Shaqab

By Chris Hoover/Doha

Germany's Thomas Brusewitz and Great Britain's Joanne Eccles reigned supreme with brilliant performances to take the lead in the Vaulting International Championship during the CHI AL SHAQAB 2015 competition at the sprawling Al Shaqab indoor arena yesterday.

Brusewitz was in great flow along with his wonder horse Airbus as he maintained the lead in the compulsory and technical tests in the individual male competition. The German achieved the top score of 7.636 in the compulsory and 7.190 in the technical to keep his hopes alive for a title finish in the freestyle today.

"Today was okay but I did make a few mistakes. The technical moves were pretty good and I am overall happy with my performance. The technical is quite difficult as we have two new moves, which is really tough. We have not had that much training with regard to technical. It is being introduced for the first time and we have to get used to it," Bruzewitz told the Gulf Times.

"It feels good to be up in the leader board but still we have the freestyle. I am excited and quietly confident about tomorrow. Hopefully I can win the championship but I am sure there will be a stiff competition. This championship has been really great and to participate in such a wonderful arena is simply amazing. It brings out the best in us," Brusewitz added.

Germany's Erik Oese remained in contention while finishing second in the compulsory and third in the technical. Oese with horse Down Under, garnered 7.451 points in compulsory and finished third in the technical with a tally of 7.126.

Austrian Stefan Csandl ranks third on 7.432 in compulsory and a surprising fifth on 7.003 in the technical. Though the Austrian had dropped a place in the rankings, he was confident of a bold show in the freestyle and a tilt at the championship.

"Though I have slipped a place in the ranking in the individual championship, I am still confident of making a strong comeback tomorrow. I made only one mistake which has put me back but still I am quite happy where I am.

"Last year I was eighth at the same time but recovered to finish third. If I do it perfectly in the free style, who knows I could win the championship. It is not going to be easy though. There are 12 brilliant vaulters in the championship who are capable of coming back strongly."

Stefan later paired with Theresa Thiel in the Pas De Deux competition to finish third with a tally of 8.165. The Austrian was delighted with his performance and looked forward to an improved performance today. "The routine went very well for both of us. We had trained together yesterday and today it all came together. Theresa and me work brilliantly together which is the most important part in any competition. We will do our very best tomorrow and hope for the best result."

World Equestrian Games gold medallist Joanne Eccles of Great Britain, achieved the highest score of the day leading the field of twelve on 8.045, beating leader Anna Cavallaro from Italy on 7.954. Eccles vaults with Bentley for the past 16 years and has her father John Eccles at the lunge.

"It has been good so far. Yesterday was not as quite as good as today. The technical was great for me and it has almost been a perfect day. Anything can happen tomorrow, but we are confident with our freestyle. We are going into the event with a positive attitude and hope for the best," Eccles said.

Austria's Jasmin Lindner and Lukas Wacha reigned supreme in the Pas de Daux competition with a tally of 8.820 with Bram and lunger Klaus Haidacher. Great Britain's Hannah Eccles and Joanne Eccles partnered for the second place with 8.307, while Theresa Thiel and Stefan Csandl paired for a third place finish with 8.165 points.

Team Switzerland were a clear leader with 7.929 in the Squad competition. Team Italy with 7.018 and team Sweden with 6.611 were second and third respectively.

Results (Vaulting CVI3)*

Individual male (technical)

1. Thomas Brusewitz -- Germany (horse Airbus 1, lunger Irina Lenkeit) T-7.190 + C-8.082 (total 7.636)

2. Erik Oese -- Germany (Down Under, Andreas Bassler) T-7.126 + C-7.776 (7.451)

3. Stefan Csandl -- Austria (Nolan, Marjo Sneekes) T-7.003 + C-7.860 (7.432)

4. Viktor Brusewitz -- Germany (Rockard H, Winnie Schluter) T-7.121 + C-7.647 (7.384)

5.Nicolas Andreani -- France (Fabiola W, Alexandra Knouf) T-7.168 + C-7.509 (7.339)

Individual female (technical)

1. Joanne Eccles -- Great Britain (WH Bentley, John Eccles) T-8.019 + C-8.070 (8.045)

2. Anna Cavallaro - Italy (Harley, Nelson Vidoni) T-7.624 + C-8.284 (7.954)

3. Simone Jaiser -- Switzerland (For Ever du Chalet CH, Margrit Blieske) T-7.280 + C-7.960 (7.620)

4. Corina Knauf -- Germany (Fabiola W, Alexandra Knauf) T-6.949 + C-7.972 (7.461)

5.Hannah Eccles -- Great Britain (WH Bentley, John Eccles) T-7.238 + C-7.457 (7.348)

Pas de Deux (Freestyle 1)

1. Jasmin Lindner & Lukas Wacha -- Austria (Bram, Klaus Haidacher) 8.820

2. Hannah Eccles & Joanne Eccles -- Great Britain (WH Bentley, John Eccles) 8.307

3.Theresa Thiel & Stefan Csandl -- Austria (Bram, Klaus Haidacher) 8.165

Team (Freestyle 1)

1. Team Sui/Lutisburg -- Switzerland (Will Be Good, Monika Winker-Bischofsberger Fr-8.152 + C-7.706 (7.929)

2. Team CIM Italy -- Italy (Andokan, Laura Carnabuci) Fr-7.493 + C-6.542 (7.018)

3. Team Svea Vaulting -- Sweden (Achim, Ronja Persson) Fr-6.713 + C-6.509 (6.611)

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Date:Mar 3, 2015
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