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Bruno's leg-up from PDSA after being hit by car; ACCIDENT.

A LUCKY pup is getting back on all four paws after a road traffic accident left him with a broken leg.

Eleven-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy Bruno, above, is on the mend thanks to caring charity vets at PDSA, who fitted his leg with a metal plate after he was hit by a car.

Brave Bruno was visiting the home of a family friend with his owner, Nicholas Jeffers, when he sneakily followed a family member out of the front door, and was hot by a car, "I was in the back of my van and thought Bruno was inside the house. All of a sudden I heard a car skidding and Bruno yelping loudly," said owner Nicholas, 43.

"I ran over to Bruno, he was trying to get up and move to safety on to the pavement. I picked him up in my arms, put him straight in my van and we went to PDSA's Pet Hospital in Quinton."

Bruno's front left leg was broken in the collision and he needed to be kept in the Pet Hospital overnight to stabilise his condition.

PDSA veterinary nurse Anna Southall Hingley said: "Bruno suffered a nasty break near the bottom of his leg, these are difficult to mend but we're hopeful that with strict cage rest and age on his side he should make a good recovery."

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jun 9, 2015
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