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Brummie rock god is Wizzard; GIVE WOODY A STAR APPEAL.

I THOUGHT I would drop you a line with reference to your Roy Wood campaign.

I am amazed he has not yet been recognised for his outstanding contributions on Birmingham's Broad Street.

I am also outraged that Stevie Winwood has no star either. They are both top of the pops in my book.

Here's my poem about Woody!

PAUL COLLINS, Castle Bromwich The Great RoyWood Roy was born down Kitts Green way, November 8 was the day, A rock 'n' roll legend he was to be, His talent was there for all to see, An original Nightrider and long before Kit, He was a major sixties hit!

He formed "The Move" a Brummie Five, The Midland sound had come alive, A new dawn arrived, "The Move" were gone, ELO were born I guess Roy moved on, His creation for him didn't last that long, He'd re-invent himself another sound, another song, This magician created another guise, A Wizzard appeared before my eyes, They rocked and jived then called it a day, So it was on his own for Roy to play, He was a pioneer, a music great, He was born to entertain and create, He did it in a way that no one could, That's Birmingham's own "The Great Roy Wood."
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Oct 18, 2009
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