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BIRMINGHAM pride, as constantly referred to in the Birmingham Mail, makes me laugh. Born and brought up in Birmingham as I was, over many years I have seen my home city deteriorate beyond recognition.

All things and places change yes, but in my opinion Birmingham hasn't got much to boast about. Our traditional values which by we grew up with have almost vanished and been replaced by a 'mish-mash' and division in my opinion.

Our city's past leaders up until the 1980s or thereabouts were mainly servants of the public which is their real role. Now we have city leaders who think foremost of themselves and their power which they use to dictate, not serve the public.

Birmingham is an ugly, depressing city which is ridden with crime, especially around the city centre area.

David Stamps, by email


Birmingham hasn't got much to boast about, says correspondent David Stamps

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
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Date:Apr 25, 2017
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