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Bruker AXS enters x-ray microanalysis market.

Berlin, Germany 10/14/05--Bruker AXS has agreed to acquire x-ray microanalysis instrumentation company RONTEC AG. Financial terms were not disclosed. RONTEC has annual revenues of $6-$7 million and sells detectors and energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis, total reflection x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (TR-XRF) and energy dispersive x-ray diffractometry (XRD) systems. "RONTEC has pioneered advanced detector technologies and novel methods for microanalysis, and has a strong customer base in certain geographical markets. However, RONTEC has been distribution-limited and at a size disadvantage relative to its larger competitors," said Dr. Frank Burgaezy, executive vice president of Bruker AXS. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter. Bruker AXS estimates the x-ray microanalysis market to be more than $150 million.

RONTEC is not a significant vendor in the overall X-ray market, but the company has attractive qualities from Bruker's standpoint. Although RONTEC's laboratory XRF and XRD products will have little initial impact on Bruker's overall revenue, this acquisition will broaden Bruker's portfolio to include TR-XRF and x-ray microanalysis, giving Bruker a foothold in these segments of the market that Bruker is well-situated to exploit. Furthermore, RONTEC's innovative silicon drift detector technology will be a valuable asset to Bruker's x-ray business. Competitors in the x-ray microanalysis market include EDAX, an AMETEK company, Oxford Instruments and Thermo Electron.
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Title Annotation:acquires RONTEC GmbH
Comment:Bruker AXS enters x-ray microanalysis market.(acquires RONTEC GmbH)
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Date:Oct 15, 2005
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