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Bruce Willis on why his John 'Die Hard' McClane role just will...

Some film fans might greet the fifth outing of Die Hard with disdain, claiming it will be a tired rehashing of the same old blast-em-up movie blueprint.

That might be true to a point but to Bruce Willis, who reprises his iconic role as gruff cop John McClane in 'A Good Day to Die Hard', it's not the action sequences and the chance to blow stuff up that keeps him coming back - it's his love of playing one of the most well-known characters in film history.

"I think that over the past 25 years, there has been a certain amount of goodwill that has been visited on these films that the character and the characters engender," Bruce said in a recent interview with


"People root for him. People want to see him because they know someone like him. They know somebody that thinks he's too smart or thinks he has everything figured out when in truth he doesn't really have anything figured out."

Bruce has been playing McClane on and off for 25 years which, in his own words, he describes as a lifetime in itself.

"It is as novel to me as it is to you that one guy can get to be in all of these films, I see myself at the age of 30, and then 33 and then 40 and 45 and now 57. It is just a one of a kind of deal," he said.

In the face of such a legacy 'A Good Day to Die Hard' director John Moore, the man at the helm for 'Behind Enemy Lines' and 'Max Payne', has tried a few tricks to silence the critics and push the ball further down the field. For one, McClane is taken out of his usual US inner city comfort zone and plonked in Moscow's seedy underworld.

Furthermore, where 2007's 'Live Free and Die Hard' featured Mary Elizabeth Winstead as McClane's daughter, this time his hardheaded son is the one in danger.

Learning that his grown-up son Jack (Jai Courtney) has been arrested in Moscow, John heads to Russia to track him down. He's stunned to discover Jack's working undercover to protect a government whistleblower, Komarov. With their necks on the line, the McClanes are forced to overcome their differences in order to get Komarov to safety and thwart a potentially disastrous crime in the most desolate place on Earth - Chernobyl.

Bruce may be back for another battering because he says he feels at home in the role but perhaps his real reasons are far more simple.

"We only do another Die Hard when they have another really complicated title that no one quite understands," joked Bruce.

"We had just got to where we thought we might understand 'Live Free or Die Hard', and then now we have 'A Good Day to Die Hard', which I have to be honest with you, I'm a little baffled still by that one."

If you're in the camp that wishes John McClane would finally meet his maker, sorry, Bruce has already hinted at a sixth movie.

Yippee Ki-Yay - The line that lived on

Sarcastic John McClane is as well known for his one-liners as he is for wasting baddies. His most famous quip cannot be repeated here but apparently Grannies have no problems chirping the line!

"It was an ad lib," says Bruce, explaining the line's origin. "Alan Rickman, the bad guy from the first film, was such a good bad guy. He was constantly picking on me. He said something to me and I just happened to let that line slip out, and it just became part of the fabric of the film... It's just amazing to me that the line has lasted this long. Kids say it to me on the street. Grandmoms. That's a little awkward. But I'm happy that they say it!"

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Date:Feb 13, 2013
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