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Accounting Heaven

It's always a beautiful day in ProfessionalCity. com's neighborhoods - law, HR, accounting, IT and marketing. Clicking on "accounting" takes you to "Accountant's Paradise," where you'll find organized and regularly updated links and information - including revenue rulings and procedures, online tax preparation, tax treaties and more - targeted to accounting professionals. "We provide a manageable yet comprehensive source of data for time-crunched accounting professionals looking for a one-stop web site," says CEO Marc Honorof. And a staff researcher is available to answer questions and conduct more detailed searches for a fee.

Empowering Personal Finance

Help your company's employees educate themselves about personal finance - on their own time, at their own speed, minus the expense of travel or workbooks. PricewaterhouseCoopers' Financial Planning Campus offers online tutorials in insurance, investment, tax, retirement and estate planning, cash management and stock options. Certain courses can be customized at the request of client companies. So, for example, if your firm is moving to a cash balance pension plan, you can provide the requisite information and worksheets to guide your workers toward informed decisions.

Register Rip-offs

Feeling ripped off? You're not alone. The Federal Trade Commission says even wary and sophisticated consumers face a multimedia barrage of fraudulent offers every day. And the agency ought to know - last year it logged over 60,000 consumer complaints. These complaints are entered in a database that's available to nearly 200 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Canada. They, in turn, analyze the data to identify fraudulent activity, trends and perpetrators. To lodge a complaint or get information electronically, visit If you're feeling low-tech, call (877) FTC.HELP or write to the FTC, Consumer Response Center, Washington, D.C. 20580-0001.

Other Sites ...


It's not what you think - it's the International Aloe Science Council. And, according to its experts, over 250 species of aloe grow around the world, but only two are cultivated commercially for use in nutritional drinks, moisturizers, cosmetics and over-the-counter drugs. based in Irving, Texas, the IASC is a non-profit organization committed to the further growth, research and marketing of quality aloe vera gel and gel products.


Tavolo (Italian for "table") is nirvana for those who love to eat and those who love to cook (that excludes few of us). Offering specialty foods, kitchenware from dozens of manufacturers, gifts, cookbooks and seasonal recipes developed by teachers at the Culinary Institute of America, it enables you to plan your holiday meals and buy presents for nearly everyone on your list - all in one place.


Just as you're becoming comfortable with the nuances of e-commerce, along comes v-commerce (the V stands for voice-enabled) - an application that lets anyone who's away from a computer (or who doesn't even know how to use one) to reap the benefits of e-commerce through natural language speech recognition. To learn more about speech-enabled applications, and to see who's already jumped on the bandwagon, visit this site.
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Date:Nov 1, 1999
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