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Browning, Deborah L. (Ed.). Adolescent Identities. A Collection of Readings.

BROWNING, Deborah L. (Ed.). Adolescent Identities. A Collection of Readings. New York: The Analytic Press/Routledge, 2008. 377pp $59.95 (h).

Adolescent Identities draws the reader into the inner world of the adolescent to examine the process of identity formation through the various lenses of history, anthropology, sociology, psychology and psychoanalysis. Editor Deborah L. Browning illustrates that in the course of development, each individual must integrate one's unique biologically-given constitution and temperament, personal life history, and the influence of the social and cultural milieu. The book's sections are arranged by concentric circles of influence, from the most exterior to the most internal. Opening papers address the question of whether and how adolescence can be considered a stage in development; the second section explores how visible or potentially knowable minority statuses are experienced and how this interacts with individual identity processes. Moving closer to the adolescent's interpersonal world, the third section presents papers about intimate relationships between adolescents and about the conscious preoccupations of adolescents when they are alone. Extensive excerpts of Erik Erikson precede papers on the most internal, private, and potentially unconscious conflicts that comprise the fifth section. The book concludes with a section on "failed solutions" to adolescent homelessness, drug abuse, eating disorders, and suicide.
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Date:Dec 22, 2009
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