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Brownells Revolver Chamfering Tool Kit.

You see, that seemingly innocuous little forcing cone cut in the breech area of the barrel is there for a number of reasons. Manufacturing tolerances (being subject to the whim of the manufacturer, the machinist, wear and tear on the revolver and maybe even the tide) have a tendency to vary quite a bit. The forcing cone angle and fit on one revolver of the same make might be quite a bit different than on another from the same batch as time passes, tools wear and shooters shoot. That's one of the reasons some revolvers shoot like gang-busters while others -- that look the same on the outside -- shoot like Grandma's rusty cap and ball.

All I have to say is the revolver chamfering tool kit from Brownells' is typical Brownells -- first class all the way with no corners cut anywhere. It all comes in a tidy box with the gadgets and doo-dads fit neatly inside. But why bother with this chamfering-thing anyway, you might ask? Well, go ahead and ask.

Ron Power, the noted PPC revolver pistolsmith and all-around inventor of cool stuff, helped Brownells put together this kit to solve some of those same forcing cone problems. The kit is complete with cutters, handles, extension rods, a breaker bar, brass laps, facing cutters and other nicely machined hunks of metal. All of which, when administered with a certain amount of black magic, can turn that barn-door-accuracy shooter into a tack driver.

Not having seriously targeted the gun beforehand, I nevertheless found it to shoot nicely after the attentions. Even though the cylinder was a bit, shall we say "loose," I could detect no unseemly spitting from that nether region between the cylinder and the barrel. All was well in the world.

I tried it out on an old, blue-worn and shot to death Victory Model Smith & Wesson and found all the parts worked together nicely. I ended-up with a very clean job, which, I might add, surprised both me and my wife Suzi, who usually comments to the contrary on such matters.
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Publication:Guns Magazine
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Date:Jan 1, 2000
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