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Brown gaffe cringeworthy; InsideView.

Byline: Bela Arora

LET'S face it, it was just a matter of time before we had a political and very public gaffe in the run up to the election. In fact I'm amazed it has taken this long.

The pressure has certainly been building and in a sense it was inevitable that one of the three main candidates would let their guard slip.

Gordon Brown's gaffe was a classic that will undoubtedly be aired ad nauseam.

I have got to the stage where I can't watch the bigot-gate footage any more - the cringe factor is giving me headaches.

These days few believe that politicians are genuine and sincere, but the whole incident is just a bit too much of a reality check. I'm sure Gordon Brown and his merry men will have been frustrated with themselves, or each other, but it remains to be seen if there will be any real impact of note.

Admittedly, the timing hasn't been ideal, having taken place so close to polling day, but is it really going to be a deal breaker for the electorate? No matter how much such public gaffes are manipulated by the media, evidence suggests that very little changes.

John Major famously referred to members of his cabinet as 'bastards' and John Prescott punched a member of the public.

Their reputations remained untarnished.

In fact, Prescott somehow managed to go from zero to hero and was reinvented in the press, with the name 'two-jabs Prescott' to match.

It is widely believed that if Labour do survive the General Election, the likelihood is that Gordon Brown won't survive in the longer term.

Brown has so much opposition from his own party but the electorate know that voting for Labour will mean voting for the Party, not the leader.

Bela Arora is a research fellow in corporate citizenship.

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Date:Apr 30, 2010
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