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Brown Bear and Her Little One was Shot by Camera in the Area of Vitosha.

A bear with her little one was shot in the area of aathe State hunting site "Vitosha-Studena", reported FOCUS News Agency. The Regional Inspectorate was working on a case related to bear attack over a big beehiveA located in a private property in the region of the farm, within the limits of Vitosha Nature Park.

The beehives were located in a private property in the hunting area. Experts from the Biodiversity, Protected Areas and Zones Department have identified the damage and have placed photographers. On December 4 and 6, the devices captured the animals.

The brown bear, which is found in Bulgaria, is a protected species included in the Red Book, remind experts.A

Although it is a huge animal, actually, Bulgarian bears are quite shy and avoid people, so itas not a common thing to meet them in the wild. Usually the bear senses his presence from a distance and retires. More dangerous may be meeting with a mother with a little bear, because then she becomes extremely aggressive, protecting her little one.

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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Date:Dec 10, 2018
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