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Soap watch; A baby - would you Adam and Eve it? Oct 28, 2000 742
Surf 'n' shop. Oct 28, 2000 332
Clubbers' guide to ... Oct 28, 2000 280
Just loving it in a box; It's official - DJs have the most fun, as our reviewer found out during a night out at The Tunnel in Glasgow. Oct 28, 2000 1242
I just love my Sunday roast; Hollyoaks actor Ben Hull likes a traditional weekend - a long lie-in followed by a trip to the pub for lunch - reports MERLE BROWN. Oct 28, 2000 935
The macs factor; Protect yourself from the elements and look very 2000 in a raincoat. Oct 14, 2000 310
Bad case of Deja Vu; Take a step back in time at the Dundee club where grown ups go wild for the sounds of Wham and S Club 7. Oct 14, 2000 1094
SOAP WATCH; Daylight robbery in store at Corrie. Oct 7, 2000 747
MAKE IT A DATE; Glasgow's Revolution may be a chain bar, but it has a style all its own - and it's a great meeting place for the flicks. Oct 7, 2000 703
HOT LISA SENDS PULSES SOARING; Queen of the Holby City wards Lisa Faulkner is back doing her rounds - and dreaming of fame on the silver screen. Oct 7, 2000 1492
It's the return of the real Nasty Nick; Soap watch. Sep 30, 2000 730
Ross cops top role; WITHOUT MOTIVE Monday, ITV, 9.00pm. Sep 30, 2000 902
Clock these latest styles; Faceless watches are second-hand news - yes, the hour is nigh for a Swatch at some trendy timepieces. Sep 30, 2000 474
Soap watch; Is this the end for Mandy and Paddy? Sep 23, 2000 754
Surf 'n' shop; If you're not online, you're missing out on a whole lot of fun in the fab world of cybershopping. Each week we bring you the best shopping sites and bargains around. Sep 23, 2000 240
Gary reveals True colours; Spandau Ballet creator Gary Kemp may have fallen out with some members of the band, but there's still one he's pals with - brother Martin. Sep 23, 2000 1487
Soap watch; Out with the old as Ethel shuffles off. Sep 16, 2000 764
Bar mixing it with the best; Lose yourself in the world of classy cocktails at Edinburgh's Tonic - just make sure you eat something first. Sep 16, 2000 1136
A right Royle TV feast in store; As those long dark nights approach, we'll be sitting down to do what we do best - watch the telly. Luckily we're in for a treat, says MERLE BROWN. Sep 9, 2000 1052
Soap watch; It's all action on Street of shame. Sep 9, 2000 800
Heaven knows it's so miserable now; Soap watch. Sep 2, 2000 762
Long race to finish line; BLIND AMBITION Thursday, ITV, 9.00pm. Sep 2, 2000 692
Surf 'n' shop. Sep 2, 2000 326
Suits you madam; Forget all those Dynasty disasters, suits are a girl's best friend again thanks to some 'very Millennium' new designs. Sep 2, 2000 441
Fox making a break for it; Actress Emilia Fox nearly married Vic Reeves last year, now she's put that romance behind her. Sep 2, 2000 1221
Soap watch; Irene's had it with Spain in the neck. Aug 26, 2000 707
Weathering the storm; Nothing could prepare Lenry Henry for riding the waves of a stormy sea. Aug 26, 2000 917
Surf 'n' shop. Aug 26, 2000 300
Clubbers' guide to ... Aug 26, 2000 295
Tim doles out rough justice. Aug 19, 2000 734
It's looking better for good old Sinbad; Soap watch. Aug 5, 2000 784
Surf 'n' shop. Aug 5, 2000 348
Walking on sunshine; Flip-flop about on the beach - or even in the office - in the latest hip and happening footwear from the high street stores. Aug 5, 2000 619
Single-minded sweetheart; Since being dumped by Neil Morrissey, Liz Carling's career has blossomed - and the stunning actress is finding that being on her own has its plus points, too. Aug 5, 2000 1482
Soap watch; Interesting book beyond our Ken. Jul 29, 2000 720
Garage pumps it up; Ayia Napa in Cyprus - and the Black and White club - is where it's at for clubbers looking for the hippest sounds going. Jul 29, 2000 1142
Dive Inn and chill out; Escape the madness of Ayia Napa village square and take it easy at one of its most relaxing pre-club bars. Jul 29, 2000 844
Shedding tears as Spider heads east. Jul 22, 2000 789
Soap watch; You are making a big mistake, Steve. Jul 15, 2000 745
Not so much loud as Proud; M People singer Heather Small may have a powerful voice, but she has an enemy which won't go away - stage fright. Jul 15, 2000 1324
Illusion of grandeur; La Mirage in Glasgow doesn't have any bother attracting after-work drinkers - it's hanging on to them that's a problem. Jul 8, 2000 687
Jerome wild about life; Actor Jerome Flynn lives out his childhood ambitions as he marches back on to the Badger's trail, reports MERLE BROWN. Jul 8, 2000 812
Liz in tune with Cafe society; Actress Liz Carling is back on song in her new series, says MERLE BROWN. Jul 8, 2000 844
Hang out in the garden. Jul 8, 2000 522
Soap watch; Ashley in moving speech to Bernice. Jul 8, 2000 743
Soap Watach; Misery-guts Beale in snog shocker. Jul 1, 2000 726
Pippa playing it cool as top cop; Pippa Haywood's new role is a big change from The Brittas Empire, says MERLE BROWN. Jul 1, 2000 391
Surf 'n' shop. Jul 1, 2000 291
The ideal package holiday; When packing for your holiday this summer, think dinky and you can't go wrong. Jul 1, 2000 615
Blast off on best tunes; Edinburgh's PopRokit is the new name in the capital's ever-changing publand - and it's great for a sample of clubland. Jul 1, 2000 803
Hitting the headlines; Think what you like about this girl, you have to admit that the stunning Sarah Heaney has now become big news on our screens. Jun 24, 2000 1357
Soap watch; Patrick kids face life without mum. Jun 24, 2000 758
Cheek to chic; Why not be a daredevil and grab yourself a pair of this summer's hottest pants - guaranteed to send the temperature soaring ... Jun 24, 2000 507
Be Afraid Chris...The Bitch Is Back. Jun 17, 2000 771
Surf 'n' shop. Jun 17, 2000 287
EH1 for my memories; As she revisits her old hang-out in central Edinburgh and gets to grips with its freshly acquired 21st century style, our Glasgow-based writer remembers times past. Jun 17, 2000 907
Fat boys take on the English; Subtitles haven't been requested yet, but English viewers might be in for a shock when they tune into hit series Chewin' the Fat. Jun 17, 2000 1406
Lindsey and Shelley have a bit of a snog. Jun 10, 2000 742
Mad for top hats; With the wedding season just a hair's breadth away, the mission to get ahead in the hat stakes is foremost in many minds. Jun 10, 2000 758
Clubbers' guide to ... Jun 10, 2000 673
Soap watch; Susannah does the rounds with Darren. Jun 3, 2000 738
A tale of two babies; CORONATION STREET Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, ITV, 7.30pm. Jun 3, 2000 681
Surf 'n' shop. Jun 3, 2000 298
Bronze age babes; That tanned beach-beauty look is back in fashion, but it's much healthier to fake it than take the risk of sun-worshipping. Jun 3, 2000 818
Clubbers' guide to ... Jun 3, 2000 615
Just don't call me Ricky, OK?; Sid Owen has ditched his 'Fick Rick' EastEnders image and is set to take the pop world by storm - and he's not finished with his acting career either. Jun 3, 2000 1479
It's gone wrong for Jackie and Gianni. May 27, 2000 716
Carter's back in hot water; CITY CENTRAL, Saturday BBC1, 8.05pm. May 27, 2000 346
Surf 'n' shop. May 27, 2000 295
All fruity fools. May 27, 2000 1054
Get out of it, Kathy, while you still can. May 13, 2000 714
Crazy shades of summer; Large it up with your sunglasses for that retro '70s look - and you'll make a trendy spectacle of... May 13, 2000 817
Magnificent seven; They're the clean-cut kids who have taken the charts by storm - but it's not all been so easy for the boys and girls of S Club 7. May 13, 2000 1563
Stepping up their teen cult status; STEPS SECC, Glasgow. May 12, 2000 329
Soap watch; There's no justice for poor old Sinbad. May 6, 2000 753
Finishing touches; A girl just doesn't feel complete without those little extras like hats, bags and scarves. Yes, accessorising to the max is oh-so now, sweetie - and big business. May 6, 2000 694
Cat's out of the bag for the Brookie girls; Soap watch. Apr 29, 2000 743
Sexy Louise in the city; Louise Lombard returns to her first love of acting in a new series which is This Life meets Cold Feet, says MERLE BROWN. Apr 29, 2000 664
Clubbers' guide to ... Apr 29, 2000 723
Queens of tack; Welcome to Edinburgh's weird and wonderfully kitsch world of Tackno, where those among us having a bad hair day have the best fun of all ... Apr 29, 2000 978
Dotty feel to Cosmo; Cosmopol certainly lives up to its name. It's a smart city bar for hip young things. Question is, can Glasgow sustain another like it? Apr 29, 2000 997
Soap watch; Altered image for Dale's randy vicar. Apr 22, 2000 698
Rankin with the best; John Hannah tells MERLE BROWN how he ended up on both sides of the camera for his latest TV role - thanks to his best pal. Apr 22, 2000 968
Surf 'n' shop. Apr 22, 2000 241
Full of Easter promise; Boiling an egg and rolling it down a hill is just so 20th century, so get with it and lose yourself in the world of chocolate. Apr 22, 2000 558
Soap watch; Eco-warrior Spider is on his way out. Apr 15, 2000 751
Classy or brassy?; Are you Sophia Loren or Victoria Beckham? Now is the time to make your mind up as both looks are in for trendy chicks. Apr 15, 2000 571
Soap watch; Martin's bit on the side is on her way. Apr 8, 2000 768
Surf 'n' shop. Apr 8, 2000 270
When life is a pane; Trendy bars like Glasgow's Bargo used to have an intimidating effect on our girl but, as she found out, looks can deceive. Apr 8, 2000 1155
Mother said there'd be days like these. Apr 1, 2000 738
Surf 'n' shop. Apr 1, 2000 307
Pots of fun; Contain yourself - but the news in green-fingered circles is you don't even need a garden any more to wake up and smell the roses. Apr 1, 2000 1057
Clubbers' guide to ...; The news. Apr 1, 2000 726
Soap watch; The humiliation of a mid-life crisis. Mar 25, 2000 724
Grandma lets the cat out of the bag. Mar 18, 2000 706
Surf 'n' shop. Mar 18, 2000 300
Design times; The high street stores are moving in on the designer market - and that means top labels at bargain prices. Mar 18, 2000 619
Saturday What's On : Soap watch; Beverley returns to torture the Dixons. Feb 26, 2000 668
Saturday: Hell for leather; Leather has shaken off its sweaty rocker image to become the toast of the catwalks. Feb 26, 2000 587

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