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The Little Rock Nine: in 1957, nine black students walked into an all-white high school in Little Rock, Arkansas--and into history. Sep 3, 2012 643
Japan after the tsunami: in March, a deadly earthquake and tsunami triggered a nuclear disaster. Despite their fears, the people of this island nation are forging ahead. Sep 19, 2011 1457
The Aztecs: after 200 years as the dominant power in Mexico, the Aztecs were defeated by the Spanish in 1521. Did human sacrifice contribute to their demise? Sep 5, 2011 668
Neither equal nor free: can a "government of free men" allow slavery? As America's founders struggled to write the Constitution, that question nearly tore the young United States apart. Play Sep 5, 2011 1587
Alexander the great: in the fourth century b.c, this 20-something military genius conquered half the known world. Biography May 9, 2011 813
Catherine the great: how a girl from a small German town became one of Russia's mightiest Czars. Mar 14, 2011 793
Rescue mission: can Indian tribes save their native tongues before it's too late? Jan 10, 2011 670
Galileo on trial: four centuries ago, an Italian scientist dared to claim that Earth revolved around the sun--at the risk of his life. Play Dec 13, 2010 1293
Africa: 50 years of independence: after a half century filled with war and poverty, is Africa turning a corner? Cover story Sep 20, 2010 1107
Cleopatra Egypt's last Queen: she was young, bold, and beautiful. But could she save her once-mighty empire? Play Sep 20, 2010 1417
Obama's in-box: you think you have a lot of homework? Consider some of the challenges facing President Obama this year. Sep 6, 2010 1435
Was king Tut murdered? Think of it as CSI: ancient Egypt. Scientists probe the mystery of Tut: how did the 19-year-old king die? Sep 6, 2010 527
Good for what ails you? A new law promises health-care reform. Will it deliver? Apr 26, 2010 377
Are football players on a crash course? Blinding headaches, slurred speech, even dementia. Is this the price of playing football? Cover story Dec 7, 2009 967
Child soldiers of Sparta: in this ancient. Greek society, being a citizen meant becoming a warrior. Sep 21, 2009 1321
We dared to lead: how a dismal failure inspired the birth of the U.S. Constitution. Sep 7, 2009 1713
The Barbary pirates: a war against high-seas thieving helps transform the U.S. into a naval power. Play Dec 8, 2008 1645
Wanted: the right stuff: what does it take to-be an effective leader? Interview Sep 29, 2008 781
The great debates: who has the best plan for your future? Tune in to the presidential debates to find out. First, check out our preview. Sep 29, 2008 1199
The dangerous truth: why did questioning authority grow dangerous in the cradle of democracy? Play Sep 29, 2008 2270
After Katrina: three years after one of the country's worst natural disasters, New Orleans is still struggling to rebuild. Sep 1, 2008 1063
Clash in Chicago: forty years ago, the world watched as a democratic convention came apart at the seams. Play May 12, 2008 2147
The first emperor: how the Tiger of Qin created China. Biography Apr 28, 2008 1131
Amid doubts, Senate approves a new attorney general: views on torture top the list of concerns about a nominee. Dec 10, 2007 322
Follow the leader! Oct 29, 2007 121
Endangered: Landmarks of human history: what do old neighborhoods in New Orleans, an Inuit site in Canada, and a 13th-century mosque in Mauritania have in common? Oct 1, 2007 347
No easy solution: the Supreme Court strikes down a method of integration in U.S. schools. Sep 17, 2007 396
The Prague Spring: in the midst of the Cold War, the events of one year helped lead to the freedom of Czechoslovakia. May 14, 2007 2073
Global warming & you: this Earth Day, the focus is on climate change. How is it affecting the U.S., and what can you do to help reverse it? Apr 16, 2007 1135
Margaret Bourke-White: photojournalist: how one daring woman became "America's eyes". Cover story Mar 12, 2007 2098
Hero or celebrity: don't confuse the glitter of stardom with real heroism. Feb 12, 2007 1287
The Supreme Court and you: what's at stake for you in top cases now before the Court? Nov 13, 2006 1267
Voting on your future: what are midterm elections, and why do they matter to you? Oct 2, 2006 1043
Laying down the law: to Hammurabi, "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth" meant justice. Sep 18, 2006 1817
Did Pocahontas save Jamestown? Many people believe that she did. But much about her remains a mystery. Excerpt Sep 4, 2006 1857
Border wars: a proposed crackdown on illegal immigration ignites protests. Apr 24, 2006 700
Napoleon and the battle for Europe: two centuries ago, a new Caesar sought to conquer the world. Apr 24, 2006 1755
South America's vanishing rain forest: the Amazon rain forest is shrinking--but concerned people are fighting the destruction. Cover story Apr 10, 2006 1579
The great San Francisco earthquake of 1906: a century ago, the American West's greatest city was nearly destroyed. Mar 27, 2006 1882
Marian Anderson: a voice for freedom: how a singer's remarkable voice helped transcend a nation's ugly racial divide. Mar 6, 2006 1566
The Silk Road east meets west: how untold wonders, knowledge, and even death traveled the ancient world. Feb 6, 2006 1527
The great dictator: Julius Caesar and the death of the Roman Republic. Play Jan 23, 2006 1959
Kids and sports: how teens can find a balance between sports, school, and growing up. Jan 9, 2006 1192
Who was Jesus? Two thousand years after His death, what do we know about the source of the world's most dominant religion? Dec 12, 2005 1976
Alexander the Great: this great military genius changed the face of the world. Oct 31, 2005 1407
Sixty years of the United Nations: can one organization free the world from poverty and war? Oct 17, 2005 1038
Babylon city and legend: the rise and fall of one civilization's great city. Sep 19, 2005 1338
New Amsterdam: new world company town: how the place that became New York City was born. Play Sep 19, 2005 2010
Freeing the death camps: sixty years after the end of World War II, JS recalls the liberation of the concentration camps. Apr 25, 2005 1292
Black Thursday: the great Wall Street crash of 1929. Play Apr 11, 2005 1987
Coming to America: as the United States entered its second century, it became a haven for the largest wave of immigrants the world had ever seen. Mar 21, 2005 2219
The last Czar Nicholas II: the heir of Russia's once powerful Romanov dynasty fell victim to bad decisions, bad luck, and the tide of history. Mar 7, 2005 1174
The last best hope: Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation. Play Feb 7, 2005 2052
The confessions of Nat Turner. Dec 13, 2004 2474
Ancient Greece: the birth of democracy: ancient Athenians wrote the book on government by the people. Oct 18, 2004 1333
Cliffhanger: the presidential election of 2000: how a candidate won but still lost. Oct 4, 2004 1647
Rules of the house: are your parents on your side? Then why do they make all those rules? Sep 20, 2004 1169
Coronado and the cities of gold: in 1540, a Spanish conquistador set out from Mexico City in search of gold. What Francisco Coronado fund was a fascinating new land--the Southwest of the future United States. Sep 6, 2004 2106
New discoveries in ancient Egypt: imagine if you served an Egyptian Pharaoh in the First Dynasty. Part of the job description might shock you. Sep 6, 2004 1417
The sixties. May 10, 2004 1026
Brown v. Board of Education. Play Apr 26, 2004 2648
Mission to Mars: U.S. astronauts may again walk on the moon--and someday land on Mars. Mar 8, 2004 1140
Primaries and caucuses how they work. Jan 19, 2004 2329
A century of flight: in 1903, the Wright brothers of Dayton, Ohio, made the dream of human flight a reality. Cover Story Dec 8, 2003 1132
Shopping for the holidays: how can you get great gifts for everyone--and still stay within your budget? Dec 8, 2003 313
The spread of Islam: for centuries, the followers of Muhammad ruled one of the largest empires the world has been seen. Nov 24, 2003 1362
The first Emperor: he made Rome into a power that lasted for centuries. Play Sep 29, 2003 1298
Patriot spies: winning the Revolutionary War required that a brave few--including women and children--work in secret. Sep 29, 2003 562
Blackout: the largest power failure in North American history has many people asking: could the lights go out again? Sep 15, 2003 986

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