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U=U Is Good For Your Health: People Living with HIV are growing more comfortable discussing undetectability with their health professionals. Jun 1, 2021 405
PARENTING IN A WORLD GONE MAD: Raising my Black son means preparing him for a world built to tear him down. Jul 1, 2020 928
THE NEW MAVERICK: Will free-thinking congresswoman KYRSTEN SINEMA be America's first bisexual senator? Aug 1, 2018 739
FINDING THE WOWIE IN MAUI: Squeezing in romance, adventure, and turtle sightings during a trip to Hawaii's sweet spot. Apr 1, 2018 2373
PALM SPRINGS FOR A NEW GENERATION: Everyone wants to be part of this hot spot's latest reinvention. Dec 1, 2017 906
Seeing red: while steps toward marriage equality come fast and furious, the South drags its feet. Jun 1, 2013 556
A home of our own: Philadelphia puts the pieces together for the nation's newest LGBT senior development. Jun 1, 2013 278
Hearing aid. Jun 1, 2013 281
The defame game: irresponsible media coverage of trans issues hits a new low and could now be responsible for a woman's death. Jun 1, 2013 461
Toronto: a lovers' idyll in Toronto can be just as satisfying--not to mention easier and cheaper--than one in Europe. Jun 1, 2013 684
A queer court: could an openly gay queen or king rule the United Kingdom? Apr 1, 2013 541
Change of heart. Apr 1, 2013 669
Renaissance man's man: a new show reimagines Leonardo da Vinci's wild years, complete with sex and drugs. Apr 1, 2013 322
It's a living: working is the worst--just ask actor and writer David Dean Bottrell. Apr 1, 2013 338
Fighting back in Brazil: violence mars Brazil's ascendance, but activists and the government take action. Feb 1, 2013 425
Northwest state of mind: Cosmopolitan Seattle: come for the same-sex weddings, stay for the food. Feb 1, 2013 356
It's Pat! After conquering fashion--and helping turn Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda Priestly into cultural touchstones--Patricia Field plots her next act. Feb 1, 2013 767
Hey, Jack Kerouac: now adapted for film, On the Road contains gay sex but not the gay experience. Dec 1, 2012 356
Things to do before you die: ditch the New Year's resolutions and live like you won't see 2014. Dec 1, 2012 744
Florida #fail: cities began protecting gays in the 1970s, but some burgs still struggle with the concept. Nov 1, 2012 276
Spin city: the Family Research Council shooting became another media opportunity for antigay groups to demonize LGBTs. Nov 1, 2012 549
A clucking nightmare: when the mainstream media finally started paying attention to Chick-fil-A's ugly values, an entire nation took sides. Oct 1, 2012 651
The Olympics' gay cousin: a few thousand miles from London, gay athletes converged to play and party. Aug 1, 2012 240
Scouts' dishonor: from straight teen Steven Cozza to gay mom Jennifer Tyrrell, advocates have fought for years to end discrimination by the Boy Scouts, and this summer they finally claimed a victory. Aug 1, 2012 345
Aging gracefully: older LGBTs get their own center in New York. May 1, 2012 234
City of gastronomic love: for the price of a few good meals in another metropolis, diners in Philly can eat well and still have the dough for cocktails and culture. May 1, 2012 625
Daily dose: a new one-pill-a-day HIV treatment offers copious benefits for the recently diagnosed. Apr 1, 2012 232
Income inequality: a new report highlights the shocking level of poverty endured by LGBT people--and their children. Feb 1, 2012 306
Queer spring. Feb 1, 2012 311
Once were warias: in America gays continue to make advances while transgender people fight to keep up, but a new film tells a different tale in Indonesia. Dec 1, 2011 302
360[degrees] health: keeping yourself in peak form is a full-time job, but it doesn't have to feel like work. Apr 1, 2011 1255
Massaging therapy: did right-wing groups have a hand in the APA's recent report on conversion therapy? Oct 1, 2009 460
Noble cause: one of the nation's first openly gay lawmakers comes out of retirement--for one night only. Sep 1, 2009 421
A quieter riot: West Hollywood's new Andaz Hotel is an isle of style in a gaudy Sunset sea. Hotel review Apr 1, 2009 1012
Voices carry: a new tour tests the market for gays with guitars. Brief article Dec 16, 2008 264
Smart money: in a time of economic calamity, one voice rises above the panic. Dec 2, 2008 368
A night at the museum: a new gallery preserves history in a changing landscape. Dec 2, 2008 362
Queens of comedy: the country's most famous comedy club gives gays the mike. Brief article Nov 4, 2008 328
The closet as security risk: the National Security Agency courts openly gay employees. Brief article Oct 21, 2008 292
Cumming to America. Interview Oct 21, 2008 210
S'nuff said. Brief article Oct 21, 2008 87
Diving for dollars: sizing up the financial future of gay gold medalist Matthew Mitcham. Brief article Oct 7, 2008 210
Blank page: of the 88 papers in California that publish wedding announcements, only one refuses to include gay celebrations. Brief article Oct 7, 2008 188
Gay-baiting ads get their due: writer Bob Garfield takes issue with intolerance being used as marketing. Interview Sep 9, 2008 407
Flying the unfriendly skies: one flight attendant explains how he's held on to both his job and sanity. Interview Aug 26, 2008 327
Just like old times. Brief article Jul 15, 2008 225
Gays, straights, and divorce. Jul 1, 2008 436
We're in the money. Brief article Jun 17, 2008 292
Boom over Miami: Sunny Miami is home to pristine beaches, dynamic nightlife, and the nation's most glutted condo market. What's a local gay real estate agent to do? We asked 38-year-old Bryan Halda. Interview Jun 17, 2008 497
Green day ... and night. Brief article May 6, 2008 186
Talking about silence. May 6, 2008 350
Truth in advertising. Brief article Apr 22, 2008 170
Quick fix. Brief article Apr 8, 2008 255
Mixed messages: weeks before he was brazenly killed by his teenage crush, 15-year-old Lawrence King was encouraged to be himself. Did that lesson help send him to his grave? Cover story Apr 8, 2008 3487
Loving and loathing in Las Vegas: gays and lesbians are streaming into Vegas to start new lives. But are they really happy with what they find? Mar 25, 2008 1588
Death of a showgirl: in the '90s, Jahna Steele was one of Vegas's most celebrated topless performers. Did being outed as transgender contribute to her demise? In memoriam Mar 25, 2008 378
A moment in time. Brief article Mar 11, 2008 179
Kiss it. Brief article Feb 26, 2008 116
In memoriam: notable passings of 2007. Brief article Jan 15, 2008 258
Art show confidential. Dec 18, 2007 199
The Brazilian way. Dec 4, 2007 182
Public affairs. Nov 20, 2007 138
Hell no, kitty. Oct 23, 2007 112
Burn, baby, burn. Oct 9, 2007 223
Diversions. Oct 9, 2007 125
Go, Terri, go! As a young man, J.T. Hayes was one of the most promising race car drivers in the South. Now J.T. is Terri O'Connell, a fierce woman preparing a second act to rival the first. Sep 25, 2007 809
Boys in blue. Sep 11, 2007 151
Nerd alert. Interview Sep 11, 2007 336
No dry eyes for Tammy Faye. Aug 28, 2007 114
Welcome to the dollhouse. Jul 17, 2007 108
Twinkle toes? Jul 17, 2007 110
Imbibe like Bacchus. Jul 3, 2007 248
Music lovers, unite. May 8, 2007 173
When you care enough to send the very vaguest. Mar 27, 2007 118
A hero's journey: Jenny Fulle has led a charmed life of her own making--with strength and smarts, she went from preteen legal hero to janitor to power lesbian film executive. Feb 27, 2007 1218
Tending Grey Gardens: in Broadway's performance of the year, Tony winner Christine Ebersole resurrects "Little" Edie Beale. Jan 16, 2007 497
MySpace with taste. Dec 5, 2006 145
Short answers: Rebekah Kochan. Interview Dec 5, 2006 231
Basic instinct. Nov 21, 2006 105
"Blame the Gays" sing-along. Nov 7, 2006 213
The bi society. Brief article Oct 24, 2006 149
College made easy: the Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students is the best ever road man to gay-friendly campuses. Even if we do say so ourselves. Brief article Aug 29, 2006 235
Dumped again? Curses! Some gay men in their 20s--including this writer--are hoping to land a partner and start raising a child before hitting the big 3-0. Are we all just fooling ourselves? Aug 15, 2006 1141
Sweeping out the celluloid closet. Brief article Jul 18, 2006 170
Lovers forever. Brief article Jul 4, 2006 286
R.I.P.Q: a time line of the late cable network's rise and fall. Jul 4, 2006 240
Vengeance is hers. Jun 20, 2006 166
Gay sex in the '70s. Brief article Jun 6, 2006 146
Thick and Thin for binational couples: Argentinean-born filmmaker Sebastian Cordoba is bringing the plight of binational same-sex couples to the big screen with a powerful new documentary. Column Jun 6, 2006 476
McKellen's modesty. Brief article May 23, 2006 133
Stage bright. Sound recording review May 23, 2006 222
Sean Hayes: the interview he never gave. Interview May 9, 2006 776
Ejection rejection. Brief article Apr 25, 2006 177
Coachella gets material: April's Coachella festival expands its arty-hipster cachet with a visit from Madonna. Brief article Apr 25, 2006 199
Aidan Grennell. Interview Mar 28, 2006 382
The relationship miracle worker: Betty Berzon touched the lives of countless gay men and lesbians as she sought to improve their mental health. Obituary Mar 14, 2006 748
Having a ball in New Orleans. Brief Article Feb 14, 2006 187
A rumor is enough. Brief Article Feb 14, 2006 208

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