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Brothers aim to save hedgehogs by alerting motorists.

YOUNG naturalists are trying to save hedgehogs by urging motorists to slow down.

Shepley youngsters, Mackenzie 'Macka' Brown, 13, and his older brother Nat, have put up posters warning that the prickly little animals may be in the road.

Hedgehogs numbers have rapidly declined over the past 60 years but in Shepley residents say there is still a healthy population.

People in the Jenkyn Lane and Manor Grange area regularly feed hedgehogs and enjoy watching them go about their business.

At this time of year the young hoglets are out taking their first exploratory walks so Nat and Macka, two of Jenkyn Lane's younger naturalists, have put up signs in the road asking that drivers slow down and watch out for hedgehogs.

They are also urging gardeners to avoid using slug pellets and to check for hedgehogs before they use strimmers or light bonfires.


Mackenzie Brown, 13, and his brother have put up posters in Shepley asking people to slow down for hedgehogs

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jul 18, 2017
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