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Broom clean.

The dual-purpose sweeper from Elgin Sweeper Co. of Elgin, Ill., can swiftly tidy up runways at 15 mph, then clean tarmac and ancillary roads at a more leisurely pace without needing a change of equipment. A magnet sits ahead of the sweeper's front bumper, where it picks tip stray metal before the brushes that follow sweep it into the vacuum.

Elgin Sweeper has begun using a linear actuator and ball bushing slides from Danaher Motion to raise and lower the machine's half-ton, 96-inch magnet. According to Elgin's engineering manager, Jeff Tolzin, the combination of linear actuator and slides has bolstered ruggedness in this area of the regenerative sweeper while reducing part count and assembly time.

Elgin builds its Crosswind sweeper upon chassis from such manufacturers as Freightliner and Navastar, Tolzin said. The Danaher linear actuator and guides have enabled the company to deploy the same magnetic pickup with out varying anything except where and how it mounts to the different chassis.

According to Jeffrey Diedrick, regional manager for Danaher's OEM sales, the dual rails and double bushings reduce the level of alignment headaches that Elgin workers must endure when bolting the system in place.

Installing the Danaher system takes three to four hours less than it did to attach an earlier in-house version, Tolzin added.

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