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Bronx cheer.

What a vacuous story ("From Cheerleader to Enemy of the State," May/June 2007). Refusal to buy things, tax evasion, workplace sabotage, and the casting of symbolic votes for minority parties--is this a meaningful, rational agenda for activists? Since the subject of William T. Hathaway's article can't seem to find a concrete or ethical channel for her activist energies, let me suggest one--the global ratification and implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly Article 18: "freedom of thought, conscience and religion."

Following the basic family unit and the tribe, religion is probably the oldest institution in human history and does deserve credit for helping us survive as a species. Whether belief in a god or gods will ever be replaced universally by a rationalist view of the universe is a question that must be held in serious doubt. However, the negative impact of religion, or more properly the intolerance and refusal to accept by some the beliefs of others, can be neutralized, and the UDHR provides the means to do so.

The constitutional enshrinement of state religions must be eliminated. Alternative declarations of human rights qualified by religious laws must be exposed as blatant attacks on those rights. Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion must be universally guaranteed and secured by law. These are goals that provide a framework for meaningful activism--not whimpering or anarchist daydreaming. Those given to the latter would do well to read Rob Boston's Church & State column in the same issue. There is a difference between teaching and preaching.

Hank Pusser

Leesburg, VA
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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Pusser, Hank
Publication:The Humanist
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Date:Jul 1, 2007
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