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Bronx Board focuses on multi-family issues.

The Owner-Management Division of the Bronx Board of Realtors sponsored a recent Breakfast Seminar focusing on a number of important issues confronting the owners and managers of multidwelling properties. Vice President of the Owner-Management Division noted "the Bronx Board of Realtors, together with the Rent Stabilization Association and other trade groups must unite to impact adverse legislation effecting the industry ".

John Gilbert, President of the Rent Stabilization Association was the featured guest speaker for the breakfast seminar. Universal water metering and lead paint legislation were the dominant issues discussed. According to Gilbert, "the RSA has filed a lawsuit challenging the City's Universal Metering Program and has worked extensively to build a coalition of opposition to this costly and potentially devastating program. This effort has been successful in confining the metering program primarily to single family homes and in stimulating the City to consider rate alternatives for metered accounts."

Many members of the Bronx Board of Realtors attend and spoke at the recent forum sponsored by Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer and the Bronx City Council members focusing on the financial burdens to property owners including single family homeowners. Foreclosures and in-rem proceedings are increasing as a result of water metering.

"Our elected officials must continue to be lobbied to insure that any lead paint legislation does not cripple the real estate industry," noted Gilbert.

Leonard M. Shendell, Vice President of the Owner-Management Division, encouraged members and multi-dwelling property owners to get involved and support the Bronx Board of Realtors and the Rent Stabilization Association. For more information call (718) 892-3000.
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Title Annotation:Owner-Management Division of Bronx Board of Realtors sponsors seminar in New York, New York
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Dec 16, 1992
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