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Brockholes pairing win memorial event.

Byline: Mel Booth Sports Editor

BEN HOLT and Jack Chesswas from Brockholes BC won the Harry Maxwell Memorial Adult and Junior Pairs Handicap.

In the final at Shepley BC, they took away the PS120 first prize by beating last year's winners, the father and son pairing of Rob and Tom Wiltshire from Penistone BC.

Score in the final of the event, which is sponsored by Mrs Norma Maxwell in honour of her late husband, was 21-15.

In the semi-finals, Holt and Chesswas beat Shepley duo Norman Raper and his 10-year-old granddaughter Amelia Hudson, who stole the hearts of the crowd with some amazing bowling. In the last four contest, they went down 21-16.

A total of 22 adults and juniors turned up to play in the second running of the event.

First round: Joe/Liz Wiltshire (Penistone BC) (2) 17 Sophie McCaffrey/Liam Sykes (Brockholes BC) (2) 21, Joshua Berry/Mark Berry (Almondbury BC) (6) 8 Callum Wadsworth/Jamie Shaw (Shepley/Kirk Con) (scr) 21, Cameron Ghaffar/Guy Beaumont (Alm Lib/ Crosland Moor) (2) 21 Aimee Jennings/Liz Beaumont (Alm BC) (2) 10, Lewis Turton/Richard Turton (Marsh Lib) (2) 14 Leah Keyworth/Neil Slattery (Broad Oak/ Lockwood) (2) 21, Ethan Wareing/Jack Wareing (Kirk Con/Penistone BC)2) 21 Stephanie Halmshaw/Jane Ainley (Marsh Lib) (3) 6, Finlay Turton/George Turton (Marsh Lib/Lindley BC) (2) 21 Andrew Astbury/Adam Whitwam (Shepley BC) (scr) 13.

Last 16: James Hick/Michael Hick (Almondbury BC) (2) 12 Jack Chesswas/Ben Holt (Brockholes BC) (2) 21, Elliot Heap/Mark Heap (Broad Oak BC) (2) 21 Scott Shaw/Jason Shaw (Kirkheaton Con) (2) 12, Adam Evans/Jamie Evans (Marsh Lib) (3) 9 Amelia Hudson/Norman Raper (Shepley BC) (3) 21, Scott Singleton/Sam Richardson (Almondbury Lib) (5) 21 Charlie Evans/Karlene Kain (Marsh Lib) (3) 12, Andrew Whitwam/Simon Whitwam (Shepley BC) (scr) 18 Tom Wiltshire/Rob Wiltshire (Penistone BC) (1) 21, Sophie McCaffrey/Liam Sykes (Brockholes BC) (2) 21 Callum Wadsworth/Jamie Shaw (Shepley/Kirk Con) (scr) 10, Cameron Ghaffar/Guy Beaumont (Alm Lib/ Crosland Moor) (2) 21 Leah Keyworth/Neil Slattery (Broad Oak/Lockwood) (2) 18, Ethan Wareing/Jack Wareing (Kirk Con/Penistone BC) (2) 21 Finlay Turton/ George Turton (Marsh Lib/Lindley BC) (2) 10.

Quarter-finals: Jack Chesswas/Ben Holt (Brockholes BC) (2) 21 Elliot Heap/Mark Heap (Broad Oak BC) (2) 9, Amelia Hudson/Norman Raper (Shepley BC) (3) 21 Scott Singleton/Sam Richardson (Almondbury Lib) (5) 13, Tom Wiltshire/Rob Wiltshire (Penistone BC) (1) 21 Sophie McCaffrey/Liam Sykes (Brockholes BC) (2) 8, Cameron Ghaffar/Guy Beaumont (Alm Lib/ Crosland Moor) (2) 9 Ethan Wareing/Jack Wareing (Kirk Con/PENISTONEBC)(2) 21.

Semi-finals: Jack Chesswas/Ben Holt (Brockholes BC) (2) 21 Amelia Hudson/Norman Raper (Shepley BC) (3) 16, Tom Wiltshire/Rob Wiltshire (Penistone BC) (1) 21 Ethan Wareing/Jack Wareing (Kirk Con/ PENISTONEBC) (2) 11.

Final: Jack Chesswas/Ben Holt (Brockholes BC) (2) 21 Tom Wiltshire/Rob Wiltshire (Penistone BC) (1) 15.

There's a Huddersfield Junior Bowling Meeting tomorrow at Lockwood Con (7pm).

Squads will be handed out for Huddersfield Junior Team Knockout Semi-finals, taking place at Canalside Sports on Sunday September 4 at 10am.

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Aug 25, 2016
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