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Brock is alive and well in the wild; Voice of the North.

MY goodness! What? Total lack of badger presence according to animal rights activist John Gill (Voice of the North, April 28).

Last spring we had a guest badger in the straw bales who, when refreshed with large quantities of dog food, returned to the wild. (I do hope she doesn't return with her bairns expecting us to feed them).

Were he able to liaise with farmers, foresters and other rural workers, the true guardians of the countryside and its wildlife, they would confirm that Brock is alive and well.

Mr Gill, a law-abiding citizen, will without doubt stick rigidly to public rights of way, thereby not coming across badger setts in hidden nooks and crannies, out of public view. These setts are protected by law and any interference quite rightly brings severe penalties.

And what of his worries about his safety from gun people? Mr Gill must live in the Wild West and not West Durham. If he feels threatened by trigger-happy gun slingers, it's time to call the sheriff.

JOHN HARKER, Castleside, County Durham
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 12, 2011
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