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Brochure on limited-use protective clothing.

When it comes to protective clothing, a multitude of environmental and health and safety factors can make the selection process confusing. Different applications mean different safety requirements, which in turn may demand different types of protective clothing. A comprehensive new brochure from DuPont Personal Protection has been produced to clarify types of protection and help health & safety officers and garment buyers select the appropriate Tyvek and Tychem protective clothing for their employees.

The new brochure explains the levels of protection offered by Tyvek and Tychem garments and materials, and suggests typical applications where the different levels of protection can be used to fully protect employees or sensitive processes from contamination. Details of a unique service offered by the DuPont Personal Protection Technical Team are provided at the back of the brochure, along with an explanation of the CE Certification Standard and a host of technical information on Tyvek, Tychem C and Tychem F materials. All of these components make the new brochure an invaluable source of information on the use of protective clothing.

Tyvek protects people from liquid or solid chemicals, asbestos, dusts and fibres, agrochemicals and paint, and also protects processes from contamination by people such as in cleanrooms, pharmaceutical or food handling environments. By combining wearer comfort with outstanding functionality, Tyvek and Tychem cover all applications where it's important to keep what's inside the suit inside, and what's outside the suit, outside--from the basic protection offered in the Tyvek Model Industry coverall through to the complete barrier protection of a fully encapsulating and ventilated emergency response suit. From tailoring and sizing to the smallest details (strategically strengthened seams, necks that don't gape, and ankle, wrist and facial openings that stay snug), all Tyvek garments are designed and made with wearer comfort as well as safety in mind, and are CE certified as PPE (category III), Chemical Protective Clothing.

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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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