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Brocade Cocoons Itself In SilkWorm.

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. announced the next generation of its open, scalable Fibre Channel fabric solutions for storage area networking, delivering on the next phase of its Fabric 2000 strategy. Based on Brocade Communications' architecture, the SilkWorm 2000 family is a new class of Fibre Channel switches and software. In addition, the SAN switches introduce the industry's first software-upgradeable loop switch to connect Arbitrated Loop storage devices and servers in a SAN. The switches introduce three new Fibre Channel switches: the SilkWorm 2100, 2400, and 2800 models, which are based on advancements in Fibre Channel fabric technology and software. In addition, the new switches provide the only Fibre Channel switches to offer "hot-swappable" redundant power supplies, taking availability to the next level. The new products are backward compatible with Brocade's current installed base of switches. The products are expected to be generally available in Q3 1999.

The company's loop switch is an offering that provides a migration path from loop-based storage environments to fabric-based SANs. Brocade's SilkWorm switches are the standard for connecting servers with storage devices through a Fibre Channel network, allowing companies to access and share storage in a scaleable SAN. SilkWorm 2100 is a Fibre Channel Loop switch that, through a software upgrade, provides a migration path from a loop-based storage environment to a fabric-based SAN. Highlights for the SilkWorm 2100 include an eight-port Fibre Channel Loop switch that provides interconnection for a FC-AL. A scalable alternative to a hub, SilkWorm 2100 offers a switching environment and a migration path from loop-based environments to full-fabric SANs. Each port supports parallel transfer rates of 100MB/sec. Unlike hub-based environments, which share bandwidth among ports, SilkWorm 2100 enables bandwidth data transfers simultaneously on all ports. It is software upgradeable to full-fabric support, which future-p roofs the investment in the switch as the SAN grows, and provides port-level fault isolation for reliability in loop environments.

The SilkWorm 2400 and 2800 models are, respectively, eight-port and sixteen-port, Fibre Channel fabric switches that provide universal ports for installation and hardware port zoning for optimal security. These products are full-fabric Fibre Channel switches that create an infrastructure to support connectivity of a range of host and storage types. Both switches offer port support, hardware port zoning, self-discovery of SAN-attached devices, and "hot-swappable" components, including redundant power supplies and cooling. These features ensure the serviceability in a full-fabric environment. The SilkWorm 2400 and SilkWorm 2800 are the first switches to support both fabric and loop environments independently on the same switch. Up to 32 switches can be interconnected to build backbone fabrics containing more than 400 ports. The SilkWorm family of Fibre Channel fabric switches and management software is the only suite of full-fabric, standards-based connectivity solutions available today for SANs.
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Title Annotation:Brocade Communications Systems' SilkWorm 2000, 2100, 2400 qnd 2800 network switches
Publication:Computer Technology Review
Article Type:Product Announcement
Date:Jul 1, 1999
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