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Broadcast Pix's new enhanced Granite.

Broadcast Pix has released Granite Version 1.3, which adds Fluent Clip Store to the live video production system's suite of built-in workflow tools. The new Fluent Clip Store holds up to 120 hours of HD clips and supports and .mp4 files. The upgrade also provides stereo audio output for both Fluent Clip Store and Animation Store. "[This] is an important milestone for Broadcast Pix," explained Ken Swanton, president of Broadcast Pix. "Some switchers in the industry feature limited storage for basic animations, but no other company offers a production switcher with a true clip store. With Granite Version 1.3, we are delivering HD clip and animation playback with stereo audio through our unique integrated content server."
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Title Annotation:MANAGEMENT
Publication:APB Magazine
Date:Mar 1, 2011
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