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Broadband; What it all means to you.

So what's this broadband thing all about?

It's a very fast internet connection - 10 to 40 times faster than a run-of-the-mill modem. It's always on so you don't have to go through the hassle of dialling up every time you want to surf the net.

So, it's different from ADSL?

No. ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) is purely the name of the type of broadband technology used over the telephone network.

Can I use any telephone line?

At the moment a standard BT analogue phone line must be installed to use their products. But don't fret, BT will test it to discover if it's suitable.

Tests? Seems like a major hassle for just getting on line.

Not really. BT engineers will simply check out the distance between your home or office and the local telephone exchange. And, more importantly, if the exchange is ready for broadband.

They'll also find out about the quality of your line before confirming if you can get ASDL in your area.

So what do I get in exchange for handing over my cash?

A modem, a set of instructions and a very fast and hassle-free internet service. Simple.

What about the bills?

You'll only get one and you'll pay monthly.

How long will it take to install - I don't want to be fiddling around for hours?

It takes less than half an hour to install the supplied equipment and get the service up and running. Then you're free to choose which e- mail and web service providers suits you best. Find out more at /btbroadband or by calling 0800 800 060.

Can I only get broadband from BT?

No lots of different ISPs use the wholesale network to serve their customers. For a list check out

Do I still have to pay BT telephone line rental fees if I get ASDL?

Apart from the free technical support number, your line rental and call charges are unaffected by ASDL.

If you've still got a few questions log on to and www.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 28, 2003
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