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Broadband: what can it do for your business?

Nearly everyone has heard about broadband but working out what it can do for your business is another matter. BT Local Business Newcastle is on hand to answer all your questions.

Q: Why should I choose broadband for my business?

A: BT Business Broadband is a high-speed, `always on' internet connection that can help you increase productivity. It's not just about sharing files and data but is also the gateway to transforming how you work. You can create a networked business to compete in today's changing world. Broadband enables small businesses to use the web of connections to their advantage so they can access knowledge, people and expertise through the network, creating a more flexible and efficient organisation.

Q: How do I choose the right package for my business?

A: Speed ( Speeds range from up to 500 to 2,000 kilobytes per second (kbps). 500kbps is suitable for smaller businesses that use e-mail and lightly surf the web.

File sharing ( Connecting two to four computers with BT Business Broadband Share 500.

Networking ( BT Business Broadband Network range, allows you to connect up to four computers to the internet within your office. It also gives your staff permanent, fast internet access.

Q: What if I want my business to be connected to more than just the internet?

A: BT Local Business can help you get the most out of your connection by offering applications that could your business to run smoothly and efficiently, such as:

* Online data backup.

* Protection from hackers and PC viruses.

* Developing a website and trading online.

* Managing accounts, suppliers and clients online.

* Staying up-to-date with rules, regulations and tax issues.

BT Local Business also provides flexible solutions so that businesses and employees are free to work how and where they want. For example, BT's Business E-mail means you can have full access to MS Outlook that allows you to work securely with anyone, anytime, from any location.

Q: My business is too small to have an IT manager; what do I do in case of problems?

A: BT's IT service management package can remove all the stress from IT support by taking control of all your IT problems, and provide hassle-free support for all your IT ( from LANs, to printers, from software to PCs and broadband. For only pounds 10 a month you will receive a single point of contact, access to self-help guides and the use of a `remote access engineer' who can solve all your PC problems in real-time and assist with issues or queries. This is all coupled with 24-hour customer service backed by the strength of BT.

To find out more and obtain expert advice, SMEs in Newcastle can contact BT Local Business Newcastle (BTLB). BTLB is a nationwide network of 83 small, independently- owned companies, licensed to trade under the BT brand, selling BT products and services to SMEs within their local area.

Newcastle BT Local Business represented by Newcastle Digital Communications Ltd is run by Paul Langsbury and Tracy Jones. They can be contacted on (0191) 495-4600 or by visiting Newcastle
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 26, 2005
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