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Broadband: Plug in to your online future; Watch the world open up before you as you log on.

BROADBAND opens up a whole new dimension in cyberspace.

Top chart hits, movie clips and games can all be accessed at the touch of a button.

And while you download Darius' latest hit you can still chat to granny on the phone because unlike regular `dial- up' connections this supped-up internet access leaves the phone lines free to make and take calls.

Broadband is a high bandwidth connection which means it is up to 40 times faster than a normal modem.

Once you have it the days of waiting patiently by the home computer while sites take an age to download will be long gone.

All the latest news and gossip on top celebrities from David Sneddon and Sharleen Spiteri to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez are literally available at just the touch of a button.

And because the connection is always `on' there is no need to `log on' - the internet is just there at all times, as easy to access as turning on a light switch or water tap.

Broadband realises the full potential of the net. Quicker download speeds will give you more time to explore more sites while visual and sound effects are noticeably enhanced.

And there is far more to catch the eye than Hollywood gossip, chart news and latest singles.

With a broadband connection, you can watch concerts, film clips and sports events without the characteristic poor quality and interference of the internet.

Check out for high-octane animations, soap operas and cutting edge radio.

And for Euro-fans trapped north of the Border but wishing they were in Paris or Lisbon for the weekend, London based web broadcaster provides a collection of the latest news, sport, film and entertainment, all with a distinctly European flavour.

Fed up with the same old tunes and senseless drivel pumped out by Scots radio stations? Well, if you preferred the local station last time you went to Palm Beach in California or San Antonio Town in Ibiza, you can now tune into the world radio network and relive holiday memories in your home.

Click on to access links to over 2000 global stations pumping out your favourite sounds.

From classical, country and jazz to rap, dance and techno, a simple click of the mouse turns your PC into a radio.

Or if you fancy sampling some world music you can search for radio stations by region.

From the Middle East to Latin America, you can listen to the same tunes as a street vendor in San Cristobel, Mexico. For music fans who can't wait to see how MTV will be operating in future years, www.livemusic- is crammed full of the latest live videos, news and interviews.

And fans of some of the world's greatest performers of the past won't be disappointed either, there are plenty to be found here.

Among them are some truly vintage live performances such as Bob Marley singing I Shot the Sheriff.

Catch a sneaky glimpse of up and coming movies by downloading film trailers from and be the first to experience the action and drama of yet to be released blockbusters X- Men II and the Hulk.

Shopaholics can while away their leisure hours and their hard-earned cash by browsing through more than 300 stores on From the comfort of your own home and without the hassle of a busy Saturday morning at the shops, broadband users can buy everything from the latest fashion and jewellery to holidays and even to Highland castles.

And buying pressies for difficult relatives will never again be a problem with quick and easy access to sites like which has the answers to all your problems.

Bookworms can get the low-down on all the latest releases and they can catch up with their favourite authors at sites such as where, thanks to broadband, interviews with writers can be heard in audio.

Wine fans can have cases of their favourite plonk delivered free to their door from to sip while enjoying the latest chart download. But if your taste in music is more Tchaikovsky than Tatu, logging on to is sure to be your cup of tea.

Broadband will also open up a whole new world of internet gaming and debate. And this high- powered connection means keeping up-to-date with what's going on in the world is not a problem, with 24- hour on-demand video news from the BBC, Sky and CNN.

The souped-up internet connection also opens up the e-mail world. Too often, time taken to download large attachments puts budding mailers off sending their latest snaps to relatives in Australia or using complex graphics and animation, but with broadband the images will flash on to the screen in an instant.

And with constant e-mail access, broadband makes it possible to keep on top of personal and business communications at all times.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 28, 2003
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