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Broad Vision.

Panoram makes the case that wider is better

HERE'S AWAY TO PUT SOME PUNCH INTO your next virtual-reality presentation: the Panoram PV290. This wraparound computer monitor measures 43.5 inches wide by 12.5 inches tall and boasts 3.9 million pixels of resolution.

The monitor can display one continuous image across its three panels, or each panel can display its own individual image. It can be used for both two- and three-dimensional applications. "You could display a spreadsheet, a virtual walkthrough demonstration, and a VCR movie all at the same time," says Panoram Technologies' systems manager Corey Elliott. He says the PV290's design takes up less desktop space than three monitors wired together, and the resulting image is much more seamless and immersive for the viewer.

The monitor has six inputs for computers and three more for video inputs. Panoram says the monitor is compatible with UNIX, Macintosh, Sun, and Windows/NT operating systems. The PV290's versatility comes with a price tag of $27,000. Full specifications can be found at www.panoramtech/PV290.htm.

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Date:Mar 1, 2000
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