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Britton's Role in Container Certification.

Co-ex film from Britton Technical and Industrial, part of the Britton Group Ltd, has helped to reduce costs and improve efficiencies for bulk milk shipment in the USA.

TNT Container Logistics recently received hygienic certification under the US Food and Drugs Administration IMS scheme, thanks to the use of a recyclable co-extruded film that was specially developed by Britton Technical and Industrial, tel:0160 659 3434

Britton's multi-layer Bulk Liquid Packaging film is being used in the shipping company's Pallecon containers. The certification means that TNT Containers Logistics can now take the next step in extending their international shipping operations with liners approved for the US market that are made of components manufactured solely in the UK.

TNT's Pallecon containers are capable of holding up to one tonne of food grade liquid and can be stacked two containers high for economical bulk shipping. In addition, they can be dismantled quickly and packed five-into-one for space-saving storage and return. The BLP liners can be recycled and the actual containers re-assembled for further use. This means there is no wasteful high pressure or steam cleaning to be done and no vehicle downtime

This BLP film has been developed to provide an ideal balance of features - it is easy to handle and extremely tough, with high sealability, and it contains no pinholes. These are all vital characteristics needed for demanding bulk liquid shipping applications.
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Title Annotation:Britton Group PLC and TNT Container Logistics
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Date:May 1, 2000
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