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Britten, Adam: Captain Valiant and me: Revenge of the Black Phantom.

Britten, Adam

Captain Valiant and me: Revenge of the Black Phantom

Piccadilly, 2013, pp192, 5.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 84812 311 3

A debut novel that we are promised is the first in a new series. This will be enjoyed by many, particularly by those who like their superhero stories laced with lots of humour and liberal amounts of gunge and slime.

Captain Valiant and his family are Astral Guardians--members of an intergalactic police force--living incognito in England as Robert and Louise Taylor and their children Emma and Mark. When the Captain and his son, Dynamic Boy, foil an attempt by the Black Phantom to destroy London the Phantom is unmasked, literally. He is revealed to be Dr Simon Kirby, a government scientist who is supposedly researching renewablre energy but instead is secretly developing a lase cannon. Next day a big hole appears where the local school should be and on investigation by Captain Valiant this turns out to be an unsuccessful experiment in unfolding time and space. The Head of Science at the school is Dr Kirby's brother and it is he who turns out to be the real villain, he wants not only to rule the world but to re-make it.

Dynamic Boy has long felt his astral powers to be inadequate in comparison to the rest of his family, but when he discovers he has the power to create gamma flames he begins to realise that only he can save the planet! And so it proves, Dynamic Boy is the hero. This is a fast, lively and amusing romp of a story complemented by many cartoon illustrations that match the story very well. There are some hilarious one-liners and lots of humour throughout. As well as coping with the gunge and slime we are invited to believe in transmorphic energy anomalies and particle webs as well as gamma flames and other scientific possibilities. Young readers will love this.

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Author:Hird, Steve
Publication:School Librarian
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 22, 2013
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