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Brittan: I ordered probe into report on VIP paedo ring; ...then he heard nothing further.

Byline: JACK BLANCHARD Political Correspondent

UNDER-FIRE Leon Brittan said yesterday he had asked officials to "look carefully" at an explosive dossier on a Westminster child sex ring.

The 50-page report on VIP paedophiles - allegedly including senior politicians - was handed to then Home Secretary Mr Brittan by a Tory MP in 1983. It has since disappeared.

Lord Brittan, 74, said that he had followed the "normal procedure" for handling material presented to the Home Secretary.

"I do not recall being contacted further about these matters by Home Office officials or anyone else," he said. He later clarified that two letters from the dossier had been passed to police.

Campaigning Labour MP Simon Danczuk said people would be "very disappointed" with Lord Brittan's response. "We need to know where the dossier is and exactly what it said."

He added: "There will be questions to be answered in terms of why such an important document has been lost. It just fuels the flames of conspiracy. People will think that names are trying to be protected."

The Home Office ordered a review into the missing dossier last year but it has published only a nine-paragraph summary of its findings.

"Why won't they publish it in full?" said Mr Danczuk. "It makes it look like a cover-up, even if it is not."

Last night the son of Geoffrey Dickens, the Tory MP who handed the dossier to Mr Brittan, said his father's home had been burgled shortly afterwards.

Barry Dickens told ITV News: "My parents had two burglaries, without anything being taken, which seemed a very professional job the way they were carried out - so again a bit of suspicion there."

Why was the dossier lost? People will think that names are being protected SIMON DANCZUK CAMPAIGNING LABOUR MP (ABOVE)


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 3, 2014
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