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Britney..the belly-baring fashion bomb; STYLE EXPERT LASHES OUT AT SPEARS.


THE notorious worst-dressed list was out yesterday and this time pop princess Britney Spears is one of the targets.

Fashion guru Mr Blackwell described her outfits as "belly-baring bombs" and placed her second on his 42nd annual list.

Britney was pipped to No1 by The Weakest Link host Anne Robinson.

But Blackwell blamed the singer's attempts to be "a rehashed Madonna on a really bad day wearing those wacky tacky belly baring bombs".

Prince Charles' girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles came in eighth place while actresses Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and Gillian Anderson also made his top 10.

Parker Bowles was nicknamed a "dilapidated Yorkshire pudding" by the acid-tongued critic.

But the dubious distinction of worst-dressed woman on the planet went to veteran presenter Anne Robinson.

Mr Blackwell said: "She's fashion's weakest link. She looks like Harry Potter in drag - a Hogwarts horror."

Talking about the BBC star's sense of style, he said: "Pass the aspirin, unless you've got something stronger."

But Mrs Robinson faced stiff competition for the top spot in his 42nd annual list of best and worst celebrity outfits.

He called French actress Juliette Binoche, who won an Oscar nomination for her role in Chocolat, a haute couture catastrophe.

She was nicknamed "La Gauche Binoche" after shocking fans in a transvestite-chic frock at last year's academy awards.

Next in line was the pop trio Destiny's Child, described as a "trilogy of taste-free terror hitting a crescendo of off-pitch kitsch. Three peas in a peek-a-boo pod."

Another fashion victim was Icelandic singer-actress Bjork who famously appeared in a white swan gown teamed with saggy tights and dirty open-toed sandals.

Blackwell said: "She was a Swan Lake mistake... a pretentious fashion folly in a nightmare by Salvador Dali."

Princess Stephanie of Monaco also attracted Blackwell's barbed praise because her wardrobe had "the allure of nuclear waste."

Blackwell said Kate Hudson "looks like a cyclone victim from the OK Corral". Charlie's Angels star Cameron Diaz was akin to "chaos in high heels, period".

X-Files actress Gillian Anderson was named "a grunge plunge resembling an escape from a Bohemian barbecue" after exposing her underarm hair in a magazine shoot last year.

But some leading ladies managed to win Blackwell's flattery for Fabulous Fashion Independents 2001.

Among those honoured were actresses Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Renee Zellweger and TV host Oprah Winfrey.

The fashion legend named Roberts as the world's best-dressed woman, closely followed by Oprah Winfrey and US newswoman Diane Sawyer.

The rest of the top 10 in order consisted of opera singer Renee Fleming, Kidman, Gwyneth

Paltrow, Joan Allen, Penelope Cruz, Zellweger and US television host Katie Couric.

Blackwell considered taking a year off his famous lists because of "the horrific events" of September 11.

But he said: "After some thought, I felt some traditions, however frivolous, should continue.

"It may be good for a much-needed laugh!"

He was unable to deliver his usual standup put-downs at a news conference because of recent throat surgery.


No1; WEAKEST LINK: Anne Robinson; No3; NON NON NON: Star Juliette; No7; FASHION VICTIM: Kate Hudson; POP FLOP; Britney Spears wears one of the belly-baring tops which got her into the worst-dressed list
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 10, 2002
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