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British pop singer drops his Persian last name.

A well-known half Iranian, half Scottish singer changed his surname in Britain from Danesh to Campbell, much to the displeasure of his dad.

Campbell is the maiden name of Darius' mother, Avril. Darius' retired doctor dad, Booth, 67, released a statement to The Sun from the family home in Glasgow.

"He should just keep it Danesh because everyone knows him as that. He will be visiting soon and I will certainly be asking him about it then."

Darius' agent, Oriana Elia, told The Sun she didn't know why Darius changed his surname.

Darius, 29, won third place in the ITV1 (Independent Television) talent show Pop Idol in 2002, a British program something like American Idol in the United States. He topped the charts with his debut single Colourblind, and has starred in the West End shows Chicago and Guys and Dolls. The West End is Britain's Broadway equivalent.

Today, Darius lives in the United States with his Hollywood fiancee, Natasha Henstridge, 35, the star of the film Species.

His next role in the spotlight will be in a British reality TV show, Popstar to Operastar, which will follow pop stars as they struggle to be re-trained as opera singers.

An unnamed insider told The Sun that the Darius' name change was a smart showbiz move.

"Hollywood has gone Scots crazy now that Gerard Butler is a big box office draw." The source added, "Campbell definitely sounds a lot more Scottish, which will do Darius a world of good out there."


In the British pop song world, Darius is mainly known by his first name.
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Title Annotation:Around the globe: Diaspora
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Date:Jan 8, 2010
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