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More Than Just 'Carry On' Surviving the loss of normalcy requires new approaches. Kayyem, Juliette Excerpt Apr 1, 2022 1472
'My Lady Queen, the Lord of the Manor': The Economic Roles of Late Medieval Queens. Seah, Michele Essay Jul 1, 2020 13794
"Don't Know Much about History": History and Histrionics, Moderation and Passion in Northanger Abbey. Kenney, Theresa Critical essay Jan 1, 2019 5625
A wider African history in Britain. Serwah, Awula; Kwaku Oct 1, 2018 771
A New Generation of ROYALS: This month's wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle highlights just how much the British royal family has evolved. Ross, Brooke May 14, 2018 1132
Zora Neale Hurston and Humoral Theory: Comparing Racial Concepts from Early Modern England and Post-Abolition America. Grady, Kyle Essay Jan 1, 2018 2128
Old haunts. Keiller, Patrick Essay Feb 1, 2017 4028
Churchill's record. Maier, Nicholas Letter to the editor Mar 22, 2016 578
'London is lucky to have the blue plaque scheme': Gavin Stamp. Feb 1, 2016 1154
Rewriting the past. Hatherley, Owen Essay Feb 1, 2016 1760
Happy 800th Birthday Magna Carta! Jul 1, 2015 569
'There is little evidence that Great Britain was on the winning side'. Stamp, Gavin Jun 1, 2015 1131
Airey Neave's way: Colditz couldn't hold Britain's ballsiest politician. Sandford, Christopher Mar 1, 2014 2460
Digging up the grassroots? The impact of marketisation and managerialism on local justice, 1997 to 2013. Bowen, Phil Dec 22, 2013 4731
Crisis point: Peyton Skipwith reports on an exhibition charting the artistic development of six painters during a turbulent period in British history. Skipwith, Peyton Sep 1, 2013 843
A case for subsidies? Adam Smith and the eighteenth century Scottish herring fishery. Leazer, John Mar 22, 2013 6413
On looking back. Ramsay, Allan Essay Dec 1, 2012 6729
Black History Month (UK) 25 this year: Black History Month (UK) is 25 years old this year. And as we celebrate this landmark event, the man credited with its founding, Akyaaba Addai-Sebo (pictured, bottom) salutes all those, past and present, who have made this annual commemoration a success for over two decades. Addai-Sebo, Akyaaba Oct 1, 2012 1171
From Peter Pan to Harry Potter. Adamick, Paula Brief article Sep 1, 2012 282
The U.K. Country overview May 14, 2012 642
The speakership: a New Zealand perspective. Speech Dec 22, 2011 3488
Maritime trade, seapower, and the Anglo-Mysore wars, 1767-1799. Barua, Pradeep P. Mar 22, 2011 8701
Gothic revival at Faridkot. Parihar, Subhash Mar 1, 2011 4238
Holding the ring: few British soldiers have written of their experiences of the Northern Ireland Troubles. Here, former infantry officer Patrick Mercer recalls his tours, which offer lessons for today's soldiers and politicians. Mercer, Patrick Feb 1, 2011 2268
The Americanization of Queen Victoria. Arnstein, Walter L. Dec 22, 2010 6563
"Are we turned Turks?": English pageants and the Stuart Court. Bergeron, David M. Sep 22, 2010 8224
A novel for hysterical times: Wilkie Collins' haunting mystery of false identity and female instability reflected one of the lunacy panics of the age. Sarah Wise looks at three events that inspired The Woman in White published 150 years ago this month. Wise, Sarah Critical essay Aug 1, 2010 3869
A first step towards democracy. Farrell, Stephen Cover story Jul 1, 2010 4854
Broad bottom politics: coalition governments became common in 18th-century Britain, but tended to fail at times of crisis. Jeremy Black draws some parallels with the present day. Black, Jeremy Essay Jul 1, 2010 866
The virtuous liberal: William Gladstone's politics of prudence. Schut, Melvin L. Brief biography Jun 1, 2010 2402
Signposts: British general elections. Gamble, Andrew Essay Jun 1, 2010 1265
Peter the Wild Boy: a mysterious child from northern Germany, portrayed by William Kent on the King's Grand Staircase, became one of the sensations of the Georgian age. Moorhouse, Roger Biography Apr 1, 2010 1844
Digging into a decade: Juliet Gardiner explains why her new book examines a short period of the 20th century and how she attempts to achieve a panorama of experiential history that gives readers a real feel for a slice of time. Gardiner, Juliet Apr 1, 2010 1148
Dr Trelawney's cabinet of historical curiosities: this month's subject: wax. Pollard, Justin Apr 1, 2010 604
Pastimes or amusement & enlightenment through quizzes, conundrums, historical facts & the crossword. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 299
Dr Trelawney's cabinet of historical curiosities. Pollard, Justin Feb 1, 2010 661
No offence, your majesty: sedition could cost you your life in Tudor England, but by the 18th century the monarch was fair game. Cressy, David Jan 1, 2010 980
History section. Vance, Tom Author abstract Dec 22, 2009 3304
"Some punishment should be devised": parents, children, and the state in Victorian London. Auerbach, Sascha Essay Dec 22, 2009 9761
It could be worse: wallowing in misery over this admittedly awful year betrays a lack of historical perspective. Wilson, Derek Essay Dec 1, 2009 1102
The battle that gave birth to an empire: two hundred and fifty years ago, Admiral Hawke secured a daring victory over the French fleet at Quiberon Bay. It surpasses Nelson's triumph at Trafalgar in its significance. James, Brian Dec 1, 2009 3499
Infrequently-asked questions. Teal, Adrian Brief article Dec 1, 2009 106
House of Lords rejects the 'people's budget': November 30th, 1909. Cavendish, Richard Nov 1, 2009 823
A fight for the future: the Glorious Revolution was the result of a contest between two competing visions of the modern state, argues Steven Pincus. The springboard for Britain's eventual global dominance, this surprisingly violent series of events became a model for change the world over. Pincus, Steven Oct 1, 2009 3696
The quiz. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 279
The Indian saltpeter trade, the military revolution and the rise of Britain as a global superpower. Frey, James W. Sep 22, 2009 22386
A loss of face-to-face: in the wake of the parliamentary expenses scandal, some MPs have met their constituents to explain themselves, with bruising consequences. Jon Lawrence looks back to when such holdings-to-account were commonplace and benefited democracy. Lawrence, Jon Aug 1, 2009 2224
Parting with pacifism: in the mid-1930s many millions of British people voted overwhelmingly against any return to conflict. But events in Spain changed public opinion and by 1939 it was widely accepted that fascism could only be opposed successfully through military action. Overy, Richard Aug 1, 2009 3249
Blaming & shaming in whores' memoirs: sex, scandals and celebrity were all part of a blame and shame culture that existed in the 18th century, one that often fed off the misfortune of women at the hands of men. Julie Peakman looks at how prostitutes, courtesans and ladies with injured reputations took up the pen in retaliation. Peakman, Julie Cover story Aug 1, 2009 3657
Grand old scandal: Mark Bryant looks at a 19th-century tale of sex, royalty and corruption which inspired scores of satirists and even the makers of curiosity mugs. Bryant, Mark Aug 1, 2009 1344
"We had Carding": hospitable card play and polite domestic sociability among the middling sort in eighteenth-century England. Mullin, Janet E. Report Jun 22, 2009 10061
The peasants' revolt: in 1381 England witnessed a 'summer of blood' as the lower orders, emboldened by the labour shortages that followed the Black Death, flexed their muscle. Dan Jones tells the story of one of medieval England's most dramatic yet curiously neglected events. Jones, Dan Jun 1, 2009 3462
Silence, exile and cunning: as Europe polarised between Right and Left in the 1930s, many artists and authors nailed their reputations to either extreme. Others, says Nigel Jones, took refuge in the 'inner emigration' of silence. Even in stable Britain, writers felt compelled to take a stand--often in the service of the secret state. Jones, Nigel Apr 1, 2009 4104
How free are we? As a major conference on the nature of British liberty opens, David Marquand looks at the concept's precarious past. Marquand, David Mar 1, 2009 815
Labor wasn't working: John Shepherd looks back thirty years to the turbulent Winter of Discontent, which heralded the demise of James Callaghan's Labour government and paved the way for Margaret Thatcher and eighteen years of unbroken Conservative rule. Shepherd, John Jan 1, 2009 3831
1066 and all that: History Today's Christmas quiz for all the family. Winn, Christopher Dec 1, 2008 649
History Book prizes. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 113
The Palatines. Lucas, A. Joan Sep 22, 2008 798
Anglo-American War reporting 1749-63: the press and a research strategy. Schweizer, K.W.; Schumann, M. Sep 22, 2008 6337
What made us British? Hugh Williams describes how he and his colleagues set about compiling a list of fifty significant 'things' that have helped to shape Britain and the British. Williams, Hugh Essay Sep 1, 2008 1582
The ambassador, the grand duke, his wife and her lover: Tony Brenton tells of the clandestine correspondence between the future Catherine the Great and the British Ambassador to St Petersburg over eleven months from July 1756. Brenton, Tony Sep 1, 2008 3157
Royal Historical Society bibliography of British and Irish history: Whitaker, Anne-Maree Brief article Jun 1, 2008 145
London, Edinburgh and Belfast gazettes: Whitaker, Anne-Maree Brief article Jun 1, 2008 144
UK: it has not been all milk and honey. Goodwin, Clayton May 1, 2008 2316
The case for conscription. Stearn, Tom Apr 1, 2008 3775
Polite accomplishments: Anthony Fletcher delves into the diaries of teenage girls in the Georgian and Victorian eras to explore the little-changing constraints, punishments and occasional delights of being brought up a girl in upper-class Britain before the Great War. Fletcher, Anthony Apr 1, 2008 3858
Medieval Jewish history in modern England. Narin, Elisa Mar 22, 2008 8698
Poison and the victorian imagination. Burmey, Ian Mar 1, 2008 4013
England and Britain: Alan MacColl explores exactly what the word Britain meant, after the Romans had gone. MacColl, Alan Mar 1, 2008 2300
Editor's introduction to special issue: regency studies. Wilson, Cheryl A. Essay Dec 1, 2007 2817
King John's tax innovations--extortion, resistance, and the establishment of the principle of taxation by consent. Hughes, Jane Frecknall; Oats, Lynne Report Dec 1, 2007 14085
Calling time. Furtado, Peter Editorial Nov 1, 2007 446
Cultures of suicide?: Suicide verdicts and the "community" in thirteenth-and fourteenth-century England. Butler, Sara M. Report Sep 22, 2007 8578
Terror in the fields. Sep 22, 2007 431
September's anniversaries: a king enters the world stage, some earls depart and somthing rotten happens to the state of Denmark ... Richard Cavendish looks at this month's anniversaries. Cavendish, Richard Sep 1, 2007 1606
Joint ground logistics in the Falklands. Bell, Raymond E., Jr. Jul 1, 2007 4833
Scots on top? Tartan Power at Westminster 1707-2007: Roland Quinault asks whether politicians from north of the Border have always dominated Parliament, as some people think is the case today. Tam Dalyell, Labour MP for West Lothian and Linlithgow 1962-2007 adds his own comments. Quinault, Roland Jul 1, 2007 4534
What did the Romans do for us? David Mattingly says it's time to rethink the current orthodoxy and question whether Roman rule was good for Britain. Mattingly, David Jun 1, 2007 1549
Pipes and Drums: R.S. Taylor Stoermer takes a transatlantic perspective on the Anglo-Scottish Union of 1707. Stoermer, R.S. Taylor May 1, 2007 5121
Ireland at the Somme: John Horne asks why the heroic efforts of the two Irish divisions, the 16th (Irish) and the 36th (Ulster), in the bloody events on the Western Front in 1916, have been viewed so differently both at the time and since. Horne, John Apr 1, 2007 3983
Future perfect?: Elect nationhood and the grammar of desire in Mary Cary's millennial visions (1). Warburton, Rachel Critical essay Mar 22, 2007 8715
The end of the Anglo-Persian War: March 4th, 1857. Mar 1, 2007 399
Hogarth's London: satire and the street: as Tate Britain this month opens a major exhibition devoted to the artist, Christine Riding looks at William Hogarth's particular view of the street life of 18th-century London, and at what his interpretation presents in comparison with the artistic offerings of his Continental competitors. Riding, Christine Cover story Feb 1, 2007 3813
Corps values: the Combined Cadet Force is coming back into fashion, says Ronan Thomas, who believes its wider take-up would help reduce gun and knife crime in Britain's cities. Thomas, Ronan Feb 1, 2007 1458
Reading history. Furtado, Peter Editorial Dec 1, 2006 367
The Somme battlefield: Peter Furtado introduces one of the most traumatic places in British military history. Furtado, Peter Jul 1, 2006 1774
Kicked into touch. Furtado, Peter Jun 1, 2006 391
Brunanburh reconsidered: Kevin Halloran puts forward a new suggestion for the location of one of the most disputed questions of Anglo-Saxon history: the site of Athelstan's great battle against Alba, Strathclyde and the Vikings. Halloran, Kevin Jun 1, 2006 1178
What did medieval schools do for us? Nicholas Orme returns to the classroom to find out how boys, and girls, were educated from the Anglo-Saxons to the Tudors; and finds that the foundations of our education system were laid during this period. Orme, Nicholas Jun 1, 2006 3871
Mr Guy's Hospital and the Caribbean: Jane Bowden-Dan explores medical links between the Caribbean and London that throw important light on the position of blacks in eighteenth-century British society. Bowden-Dan, Jane Jun 1, 2006 4108
Will the Queen apologise for slavery? de Figueiredo, Antonio May 1, 2006 1575
When Britain was great. Walker, Martin Jan 1, 2006 1577
"To passe the see in shortt space": mapping the world in the Digby Mary Magdalen. Smith, D.K. Jan 1, 2006 9336
The tension between two Englands. Hall, Peter Jan 1, 2006 1656
The final Acts. Loades, David Dec 1, 2005 555
Showing a strong front: corporate social reporting and the 'business case' in Britain, 1914-1919. Maltby, Josephine Dec 1, 2005 10559
Fool at war: a mirthful and tragic tale of Kester, the English jester. Kirk, Jay Oct 1, 2005 9327
The hunt for William Wallace: Andrew Fisher asks who William Wallace really was, and why he has become an icon of Scottish resistance to the English. Fisher, Andrew Sep 1, 2005 3577
Notes & comments: September 2005. Editorial Sep 1, 2005 1585
Particular friends: Guy de la Bedoyere, perhaps better known for his work on Roman Britain, pursues the life of John Evelyn, and his correspondence with Samuel Pepys. de la Bedoyere, Guy May 1, 2005 1534
"I am her majesty's subject": Prince George of Denmark and the transformation of the English male consort. Beem, Charles Biography Dec 1, 2004 15583
1704: Blenheim, Gibraltar and the making of great power: Jeremy Black recalls two events, 300 years ago this summer, that heralded the emergence of Britain as a Continental power. Black, Jeremy Aug 1, 2004 3692
Time and tithes: Patricia Wright revisits the career of a 14th-century abbot who ruthlessly protected the interests of his abbey and who built a remarkable celestial clock. Wright, Patricia Aug 1, 2004 3275
Marlborough country: Charles Spencer tells how the victories of his great ancestor John Churchill have always fascinated him. Sunderland, Charles Spencer, Earl of Aug 1, 2004 1872
Policing male heterosexuality: the reformation of manners societies' campaign against the brothels in Westminster, 1690-1720. Hurl-Eamon, Jennine Jun 22, 2004 9289
The 'member for refugees': Susan Pedersen introduces Eleanor Rathbone who devoted her career as a politician and social reformer during the turbulent interwar years to improving the lot of women and refugees. Pedersen, Susan May 1, 2004 3781
Early modern Britain and Europe. Bibliography May 1, 2004 662
Conquering the British Ballarat: the policing of Victorian Middlesbrough. Author Abstract Mar 22, 2004 203
New book tells history of Britain through the tales of those who built it. Brief Article Nov 19, 2003 127
The great storm; November 24th, 1703. Cavendish, Richard Bibliography Nov 1, 2003 511
John, 3rd Baron Lovelace. Eagles, Robin Nov 1, 2003 823
People of the book success in the English Reformation: Kari Konkola and Diarmaid MacCulloch use the evidence of book publishing to contribute to the debate about how widely the English Reformation affected ordinary men and women. Konkola, Kari; MacCulloch, Diarmaid Oct 1, 2003 4012
Our friends from the East: Russian revolutionaries and British radicals, 1852-1917: John Slatter celebrates the far-ranging contributions of Russian political emigres to British life in the half-century before 1917. Slatter, John Oct 1, 2003 3888
The unsettling legacy of General Shrapnel: why no one remembers the man who invented one of history's deadliest weapons. Frazier, Ian Biography Sep 1, 2003 1736
What if Napoleon had landed? John Cookson asks what might have happened had Napoleon actually landed on British soil in 1803-5. Cookson, John Sep 1, 2003 3142
The meaning of Magna Carta since 1215: Ralph V. Turner considers how and why Magna Carta became a beacon of liberty in Britain and, increasingly, in the United States. Turner, Ralph V. Sep 1, 2003 3626
Newly-published diaries hint at the possibility that Queen Victoria married her servant John Brown in a secret ceremony. (News). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 114
Britain and Russia 450 years of contact: Paul Dukes looks at the ups and downs of the relationship between the land of the lions and that of the double-headed eagle. Dukes, Paul Jul 1, 2003 3543
Daniel Defoe put in the pillory: July 29th/31st 1703. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Jul 1, 2003 698
Nelson and mission command: Edgar Vincent analyses the spectacularly successful, and surprisingly modern, leadership strategy of Horatio Nelson. (Cross Current). Vincent, Edgar Biography Jun 1, 2003 1780
Homage to the horse: this spring Lexington, Kentucky, home of American horseracing, is staging a unique exhibition of some of Britain's most prized equine artefacts. (Frontline). Powell, Tracy May 1, 2003 1361
The 19th century. Bibliography May 1, 2003 518
The mysterious case of Elizabeth Canning: Bevis Hillier investigates the alleged abduction 250 years ago, of a young servant girl, which divided London society at the time and has puzzled historians ever since. Hillier, Bevis Mar 1, 2003 3454
Straw the sins of our fathers: Jack Straw, the British foreign secretary, owns up to the sins of his ancestors in an interview published on 18 November by the New Statesman. (2002 in Review). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 265
"Sink the Bismarck!" It was one of the most fearsome ships afloat. Its mission: force Britain's surrender. London, desperate, put every ship to sea. (time past). McCollum, Sean Nov 22, 2002 1802
Gibraltar: apple of discord: as Gibraltar conducts a referendum on its future, Martin Murphy shows the degree to which its status was determined by rivalries between the 18th-century Great Powers. (Cross Current). Murphy, Martin Nov 1, 2002 5239
Shifting perspectives on the great rebellion: Austin Woolrych reflects on how historians' approaches to the events of 1640-60 have been changing over the half century that he has been working on the period. Woolrych, Austin Nov 1, 2002 3709
State opening of the new Houses of Parliament: November 11th, 1852. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Nov 1, 2002 641
Early modern Britain and Europe. Bibliography Nov 1, 2002 466
The nineteenth century. Bibliography Nov 1, 2002 419
British North America. Oct 1, 2002 706
UK 1901 Census wed site re-launched. Sep 2, 2002 117
A hand-drawn sketch by Admiral Nelson, illustrating the detailed battle plan he was to use at Trafalgar, has been found during research at the National Maritime Museum. (News). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 109
Edward IV and the alchemists: Jonathan Hughes looks at the significance, in alchemical terms, of this reign, and what the king himself made of alchemical prophecy. Hughes, Jonathan Aug 1, 2002 4474
The grave of a Bronze Age man dating. (News). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 110
Toyes and Trifles: Anna Keay describes how the Crown Jewels were dispersed and destroyed in 1649, and then reconstructed in 1661. Keay, Anna Jul 1, 2002 3284
The retirement of Lord Salisbury: July 11th, 1902. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 632
The Legacy of the Queen Mother. Mullen, Richard Jun 1, 2002 2627
News. (History in the Media). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 625
Henry III: Nicholas Vincent reviews the career of the king whose long reign was overshadowed by the rivalries of his nobles, and who is primarily remembered for his piety and his building activity. (Cover Story). Vincent, Nicholas Jun 1, 2002 3676
Edward III: W. M. Ormrod describes the career of the king whose fifty years on the throne are best remembered for his wars with France and Scotland, and his foundation of the Order of the Garter. (Cover Story). Ormrod, W.M. Jun 1, 2002 3690
James VI & I: Jenny Wormald reviews the career of the man who was King of Scotland for fifty-seven years and King of England for twenty-two, and whose great dream was to create a unified kingdom of Great Britain. (Cover Story). Wormald, Jenny Jun 1, 2002 3926
George III: Steven Parissien considers the reputation of one of the most controversial of British monarchs: the king who lost the American colonies, spent much of his life in psychological distress but whose active interest in the arts and sciences, and his generous patronage, distinguished him from his Hanoverian predecessors. (Cover Story). Parissien, Steven Jun 1, 2002 4757
Victoria: Lynne Vallone reviews the life of the woman who has occupied the throne longer than any other individual, and considers the tensions between her private and public selves. (Cover Story). Vallone, Lynne Jun 1, 2002 4551
The birth of Fanny Burney: June 13th, 1752. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 709
The death of Lord Acton: June 19th, 1902. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 617
`Never where' and the Afro-Saxons: Margaret Kekewich points to the value of prehistory at school as a key to national unity. (Today's History). Kekewich, Margaret May 1, 2002 1494
Suits make the man: masculinity in two english law courts, c. 1500. Neal, Derek Apr 1, 2002 11133
Tory radicalism and the home rule crisis, 1910-1914: the case of Lord Willoughby de Broke. Kennedy, Thomas C. Apr 1, 2002 9153
History and recreation: re-enactment and living history in Britain 2002. (Re-Enactor Roundup). Bell, Neil Apr 1, 2002 3574
Nina Ponomareva's Hats": the new revisionism, the Communist International, and the Communist party of Great Britain, 1920-1930. (Controversies/Controverses). Mcllroy, John; Campbell, Alan Mar 22, 2002 19020
How Britannia lost the waves. (Foreign Policy & Defense). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 628
Home from the wars: Stephen Brumwell discusses attitudes towards veterans in mid-Georgian Britain, and the provisions made for them. Brumwell, Stephen Mar 1, 2002 3820
REVIEW: UK 2002. Book Review Jan 25, 2002 259
Leaving Los Angeles: Louisa buck on mike figgis's battle of orgreave. (Film). Buck, Louisa Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 892
The `homelie herbe': Vivienne Crawford examines the medicinal history of cannabis in Britain. (Today's History). Crawford, Vivienne Jan 1, 2002 1704
The Beira patrol: Britain's broken blockade against Rhodesia. Mobley, Richard Jan 1, 2002 10473
"Fiery toungues:" Language, liturgy, and the paradox of the English Reformation. Rosendale, Timothy Dec 22, 2001 10280
Sport, war, and contest in Shakespeare's Henry VI (*). Colon Semenza, Gregory M. Dec 22, 2001 9205
George Herbert's sacramental puritanism (*). Whalen, Robert Dec 22, 2001 15318
Innovation and design in Tudor and Stuart Britain: John Styles marks the opening of the new British Galleries at the V&A with a look at influences and innovations during a dynamic period of design history. Styles, John Dec 1, 2001 3683
ENGLAND'S PAST FOR EVERYONE. Fletcher, Anthony Evaluation Oct 1, 2001 2450
Child's Play in Medieval England. Orme, Nicholas Oct 1, 2001 3845
The evolution of the family in great Britain. Burhans, Bruce J. Sep 22, 2001 5991
Execution of Captain Kidd. Cavendish, Richard Brief Article May 1, 2001 842
MATRIX OF MODERNITY. Porter, Roy Apr 1, 2001 4047
Britannia's unfinished business: (Bishop of Liverpool's discussion on history and repetance). Feb 1, 2001 551
THE IRISH ACT OF UNION. Jackson, Alvin Jan 1, 2001 4409
Slangnage. Gunderson, Brian S. Dec 22, 2000 2759
"Puffs of Smoke, Puffs of Praise": Reconsidering John Evelyn's Fumifugium (1661). Denton, Peter Dec 1, 2000 6421
History in the Media. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 927
BRITAIN 1800. Black, Jeremy Nov 1, 2000 3483
News. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 571
ANTONIA FRASER. Snowman, Daniel Interview Oct 1, 2000 2508
Kegan Paul: a Victorian imprint. Book Review Sep 22, 2000 1060
BRITAIN 1600. Miller, John Sep 1, 2000 3849
Digging for Joy. Cunliffe, Barry Sep 1, 2000 1774
SWEEP THEM OFF THE STREETS. Marriott, John Aug 1, 2000 2547
LIVING HERITAGE. Corbishley, Mike Aug 1, 2000 1653
BRITAIN 1500. Gunn, Steven Aug 1, 2000 3768
The Death of William Rufus August 2nd, 1100. Cavendish, Richard Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 652
LETTERS. Aug 1, 2000 1031
Britain as a Military Power, 1688-1815. Conway, Stephen Book Review Aug 1, 2000 494
400 YEARS OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY. Bowen, Huw V. Jul 1, 2000 3620
Best of enemies: divided by 20 miles of water, France and England are old friends, neighbours and rivals ... Stallybrass, Andrew Jun 1, 2000 3055
Rewriting the history of the British Empire. Windschuttle, Keith May 1, 2000 6061
Representing Britain. Deuchar, Stephen Apr 1, 2000 1100
BRITAIN 1100. Golding, Brian Apr 1, 2000 4131
THE IRON GIANT. Aldous, Tony Apr 1, 2000 1582
The women's suffrage movement in Britain. Mar 22, 2000 184
Public health and social justice in the age of Chadwick, Britain 1800-1854. Hamlin, Christopher Mar 1, 2000 619
BRITAIN AD 500. Campbell, James Feb 1, 2000 3787
BRITAIN AD 1. Braund, David Jan 1, 2000 3613
Rethinking the Discourse of Colonialism in Economic Terms: Shakespeare's The Tempest, Captain John Smith's Virginia Narratives, and the English Response to Vagrancy. CEFALU, PAUL A. Jan 1, 2000 14446
History Today Millennium Survey. Furtado, Peter Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 835
Britain's stolen children. Gill, Alan Oct 1, 1999 816
Explaining Costly International Moral Action: Britain's Sixty-year Campaign Against the Atlantic Slave Trade. Kaufmann, Chaim D.; Pape, Robert A. Sep 22, 1999 17909
True Lies. Smith, Martin Jul 1, 1999 1749
New histories for old. Gross, John Jun 1, 1999 1837
Mays past. May 1, 1999 1712
Foreign Bodies: Travel, Empire and the Early Royal Society of London. Part II. The Land of Experimental Knowledge. Iliffe, Robert Apr 1, 1999 14795
BRITAIN: LAND BEYOND HOPE AND GLORY? Judd, Denis Apr 1, 1999 3785
KING ARTHUR AND THE MAKING OF AN ENGLISH BRITAIN. MacColl, Alan Biography Mar 1, 1999 3830
BRITAIN AND EUROPE OFF-SHORE OR ON-BOARD? Woolf, Stuart Jan 1, 1999 3801
THE TRIAL OF CHARLES I A NEW PERSPECTIVE. Kelsey, Sean Biography Jan 1, 1999 3595
THE WARS OF THE THREE KINGDOMS. Ohlmeyer, Jane Nov 1, 1998 3892
Cultural marxism in postwar Britain: history, the new left, and the origins of cultural studies. Book Review Sep 22, 1998 1169
The Luttrell Psalter and the making of 'Merrie England'. Camille, Michael Cover Story Sep 1, 1998 3785
Resisting reform of the Lords, 1911. Pearce, Edward Jun 1, 1998 1849
The financial crisis of 1825 and the restructuring of the British financial system. Neal, Lawrence May 1, 1998 14644
Commentary. Bordo, Michael D. May 1, 1998 2527
Victorian triumph of an African chief. Parsons, Neil Apr 1, 1998 3414
Failed Chartist demonstration in London. Apr 1, 1998 694
Wilberforce and the anti-slavery campaigners in England. Video Recording Review Apr 1, 1998 678
County feasts. Morgan, Paul Chronology Mar 1, 1998 6154
European writers in the Public Record Office. Harvey, A.D. Mar 1, 1998 4439
The lost Palace of Whitehall. Thurley, Simon Jan 1, 1998 3606
Sir John Franklin's last Arctic expedition: a chapter in the history of the Royal Navy. Book Review Dec 1, 1997 2169
Times and tides. Pearce, Edward Oct 1, 1997 1806
The seed of democracy: Canada inherited its parliamentary tradition from England. Sep 1, 1997 962
Secret births and infanticide in seventeenth-century England. Gowing, Laura Aug 1, 1997 12625
What the imperialists left behind: six generations of Alan Faunce's family played a part in Britain's colonial history. Faunce, Alan Aug 1, 1997 1584
Making the empire British: Scotland in the Atlantic world, 1542-1707. Armitage, David May 1, 1997 12971
Mutiny in the Royal Navy at Spithead. Apr 1, 1997 681
Churchill and the revisionists. Roberts, Andrew Mar 1, 1997 1116
Times & tides. Pearce, Edward Feb 1, 1997 2164
Women's consumption and the industrial classes of eighteenth-century England. Berg, Maxine Dec 22, 1996 9925
The place-name Thursley. Hough, Carole Dec 1, 1996 1110
The provenance of the Rushworth Mercian gloss. Breeze, Andrew Dec 1, 1996 878
New men? The bourgeois cult of home. Tosh, John Dec 1, 1996 3729
Why Chamberlain really fell. Corfield, Tony Dec 1, 1996 3721
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham and British colonial policy: a neglected source. Schweizer, Karl W. Aug 1, 1996 1396
Henry VII and Charles the Bold: brothers under the skin? Gunn, Steven Apr 1, 1996 4046
"American Idols": empire, war and the middling ranks in mid-eighteenth-century Britain. Harris, Bob Feb 1, 1996 12360
Payment and participation: welfare and state-formation in Britain 1900-1951. Daunton, M.J. Feb 1, 1996 20415
King James and the Union. Bevan, Bryan Feb 1, 1996 2210
The great welfare state myth. Parrott, Alec L. Oct 1, 1995 2971
The culture of children in medieval England. Orme, Nicholas Aug 1, 1995 15452
The English Reformation and the evidence of folklore. Hutton, Ronald Aug 1, 1995 11936
Could the Jacobites have won? Black, Jeremy Jul 1, 1995 3173
The formation of the English gentry. Coss, P.R. May 1, 1995 11525
The land-family bond in England. Hoyle, R.W. Feb 1, 1995 10393
Music and the Quadrivium in early Tudor England. Bray, Roger Feb 1, 1995 9814
A longitudinal study of the Unietd Kingdom 1500-1900: the rise and fall of innovative leadership. Dunphy, Steve; Herbig, Paul A.; Palumbo, Frederick A. Dec 15, 1994 9715
British working women and the First World War. Pyecroft,Susan Jun 22, 1994 5330
'The projecting age'; William Patterson and the Bank of England. Armitage, David Biography Jun 1, 1994 3954
The entrepreneurial state 1700-1914. Daunton, Martin Jun 1, 1994 3815
The enabling state? Welfare and industrial society. Evans, Eric Jun 1, 1994 4041
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